6-40th FA Personal Diary

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Duane Geisen

My last name is Geisen, and from Feb '70 through Oct 71, I was the S-4/Service Battery Commander for the 6th Battalion, 40th Field Artillery. We were in Francoise Kaserne in Hanau, which I've learned no longer exists…Thanks for the info, and hopefully in the near future, I'll resurrect items from my archives in the store room.

Richard Moseley

I was looking at our site and noted that you or someone had 2/73 at Fliegerhorst in Hanau. At least while I was there (1970-1971) it was in Francois (Hanau) along with us (6/40). We were right across the street (Lamboy Strasse) from the 23rd Engineers, and down the block from DIVARTY. I believe that there was an air cav unit at Fliegerhorst. We saw Bob Hope at Christmas of 1971 in one of their hangars. I also pulled NATO (you know nuclear ammo dump) guard there (Fliegerhorst) too many times to count.

Scott McConnell

I was in the 6th Battalion 40th Artillery form August 1966 to December 1968. We were part of Division Artillery. For the first couple years we were at Pioneer Kaserne outside Hanau. Sometime during the summer of 68, I think, we moved to Francois Kaserne, in Hanau. When I first arrived, the 6th/40th had 3-155 SP Batteries and 1-eight inch battery. About the time we moved to Francois Kaserne, we went to all eight inch guns.

Just conversed, via e-mail, with a guy that was in the 6th of the 40th while I was there. He arrived in May of 1965 and they were at Hutier Kaserne. Another friend, we've stayed in touch, arrived in June of 1966 and the unit was at Pioneer Kaserne. I got there in August of 1966 and believe we remained at Pioneer until around August of 1968. From there, we went to Francois.