54th AFA Personal Diary

John (Jack) Fleming, HHB, 1957-1958

I remember being chased by the MP at Graf. I was trying to get me a schnitzel sandwich. I was in the area that the round went short one time that we were there. I was on advanced party and was coming out of the mess hall and almost at the door of my tent when I heard two large shells overhead coming from two different directions into the impact area. I ran in the tent (like that would have saved me) and grabbed the tent pole.When they hit a few of the tents came down including ours. I remember thinking that somebody is going to get killed in this camp area because it was too close. I heard that an Honest John rocket and the infamous 280 Atomic cannon (no atomic warhead) had fired from the autobahn at the same time. I was at Butzbach. With some of the things that happened there I am convinced that the damn place was haunted. Too many wierd things happened that could not be explained. Left on the Hodges and came home on the Rose. Misrable trip over and better coming home.


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