4-82d FA Personal Diary

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Wayne Hastings, dav2003@sbcglobal.net, HHB/C Battery/Service Battery, 1986-1992

I was the Motor Sergeant for HHB, C Battery, and Service Battery during the Gulf War. I was only fifty meters from 1SG Sanders when he was killed and I was leaving the area when SGT Dillon was killed. I also pulled out the two survey men when they got into the mine field. Under the supervision of SFC Lopez, I hooked up to their Humvee and pulled it out with them in it. The C Battery Commander and First Sergeant assigned me this job and my arm was cut while doing this job that no one else wanted to do. I would like to contact the medic that taped up my arm to find out where the medical papers about this injury are. I received the ARCOM and SGT Lopez received a Bronze Star for this action. (edited from the guestbook entry)