3-5 ADA Personal Stories

SFC (ret) Vincent Leno

     My name is SFC (R) Vincent Leno, I was the in C Btry and served as a wheel mechanic and was loaned out most of the time to Battalion to serve as an Ammo carrier during the Gulf War. I worked with Lt Jean-Louis and he was a great Lt to work for.
     I had been stationed at McCully Barracks since Feb 87 and PCS'd in July 93. I enjoyed every minute with the ADA. It's where my ground basis for my leadership philosophy grew.
     I want to say right up front that LTC Silas Smalls was the most remarkable Commander I ever had in my career. He was "old school" and if he told you something, it was surly the truth and he meant it. He was the type of commander that would carry the same green notepad with him, his whole tour and would review it every time he was in the motor pool. He wore coveralls on command maintenance and was down under the vehicle with his Battery Commander and the Soldier. He lead us in battle and took care of us in garrison.
     HHB First Sergeant was 1SG Screen. He was 'old school" and was know to "out PT" any Soldier on McCully Barracks. He had a program that he spent time with the soldier after duty hours as a part of extra training. Whooa as to the individual that had to be in his field gear "strapped tight" and manning the bunker outside the barracks.
   A Btry 1SG was 1SG Seaberry. He was "old school" and I swear him and 1SG Screen were alike. Great leaders and communicated well, if not verbally, then through their actions.
     Funny, but I'm having trouble remembering C Btry (my battery) 1SG name.
     He was just as equally good but he was more quiet than the others mentioned. He communicated his directives to his Platoon Sergeants and I remember them all well. SFC Durham was my Motor Sergeant/ Platoon Sergeant, 1st Plt was SFC Ernie Etzold, 3rd Plt had SFC Ortega while 4 th had the former 1 st Plt sgt who was SFC Deleski. 2nd platoon I think was taken over by a SSG Dodson, I may be incorrect but I remember him moving up a notch because something happened in 2 nd plt.
     SPC Robert Hensley was a Track Mechanic in C Btry. SGT Honts was his name.
     Thanks for the memories.