Official AAR’s

Official Reports and After Action Reports (AAR's)

The official Division reports collection and the entire Division After Action Report is on file at the Command and General Staff College Library at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  We are in the process of establishing a mechanism by which members of the Division might do research or have research done for them at the Library.  Active duty military of course have a greater chance for access to the records at this time.  These records were closed to the public, and that included students at the College, while the VII Corps official history was being written.  I personally viewed the collection in 1993 while attending a pre-command course there and before the historian had started his work.  There was an enormous amount of "stuff" to go through.  That history is due out shortly (1999) from the Center of Military History.

May, 1991 – Division CP in Kuwait:  We will finally go home.  As the Division convoys and columns head south back over paved roads to King Khalid Military City (KKMC or "Emerald City"), getting rid of things and stuff we no longer needed started with a vengeance.  Ensconced in three field containers and two foot lockers, five rolls of overlays and maps, and several MRE boxes and loaded on the back of the G4 HEMMT was the entire record of the Division G4 from August 1990 (including the G4s National Geographic Map of the Arabian Peninsula used on 3 August 1990 to lay out the battlefield) to 10 May 1991.  On the night of 12 May 1991, the Headquarters Company Commander gave orders to clean out all vehicles and burn or bury or both everything in or on vehicles.  Except for personal baggage, the vehicles were going back empty.  As a result, the G4 and logistics history was lost forever.  What we will have will come from official records that did make it and from your input.   Please let us hear from you with your input to this record.