45th FSB Photos

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This photo was provided by Harry Anderson. Pictured from L to R First Row: SPC John Kuders (Fire Control Systems), SPC Joe Berger (Turret Systems), Eric Childers (Small Arms), CW2 William Grimes (OIC), SPC Corbin Rigensberg (Turret Systems).Second Row from L to R: SPC Dan Rosado (Small Arms), SSG Harry Anderson (NCOIC), SPC Michael Livengood (Small Arms)

During the Ground War Phase of the Operation Desert Storm Col. Robert Higgins (2nd Bde Commander) did not want the entire FSB following the maneuver elements as it may slow down the advance. The decision was made to "slice off" the minimum requirements to support the Brigade. This was done in the R-3 (Re-Arm, Re-Fit, Re-Fuel) method as we had used many times in GTA and HTA rotations. Each Company of the Battalion was responsible for a share of their element. (The normal Maintenance Support Team Members (MST) stayed intact with their attached units)

Additionally, the 45th FSB Battalion Motto was "BATTLE READY SUPPORT". I’m not sure how "official" this is, but it was our "sound off" call during Battalion Formations and was spelled out on many of the Battalion memos and Decals.