Headquarters and Service Company

Headquarters and Service Company

Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Sauter, Bartlett F.  CPT  
First Sergeant Kranning, Ricky L. 1SG  
                                                   HHC Supply Section
Supply Sergeant Pope, Marvin L. SSG  
Supply Specialist Mcintosh, Raymond E.  SPC  
Armor Williams, Ruth Ann  SPC  

Aviation Section

Section Leader / IFE Case, Richard L. CW3  
Aircraft Maint Technician Newton, Ronald T.  CW2  
Tac Trans Helicopter Repair Bravo, Daniel T.  SSG  
Tac Trans Helicopter Repair Blocker, Mike D. SPC  
Util Helicopter Repair Clark, Richard M.  SPC  
Util Helicopter Repair Dukes, Darren K.  SPC  

Commo Section

TAC Commo Chief Soto-Perez, Salvador SFC  
Commo Chief Goodwin, Anthony C. SGT  
Radio Team Chief Campbell, William D. SGT  
Radio TTY Operator Cooke, Rolf E. SPC  
TAC Comm Sys Opr Jones Jerry L. Jr. SPC  
Radio Operator Adams, Charley F. SPC  

 III / V  Platoon

Platoon Leader  Chung, Curtis H.  1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Polk, Jerry  SFC  
Section Chief Phearse, Larry G.  SSG  
Aircraft Fuel Supervisor Brandon, John Jr.  SSG  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Easter, Carlos D. SGT  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Lott, Jarrett G.  SGT  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Olivencia, Miguel A.  PFC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Verette, Jay G.  SGT  
Ammo Specialist Bishop, Danny E. SPC  
Ammo Specialist Hall, Reginald A.  SGT  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Adebonojo, William O.  SPC “Yo Yo”
Aircraft Fuel Handler Houtz, Michael R.  SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Phillips, Frank  SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Williamson, Carl F. Jr.  SPC  
Ammo Specialist Barlow, John F. Jr.  SPC  
Ammo Specialist Parker, Marc A.  SPC  
Ammo Specialist Taylor, Michael A.  SPC  
Fuel Handler Browning, Ronald K.  SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Goodwin, Larry T.  SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Mccain, Frederick D.  SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Salcedo, Cesar  SPC  
Fuel Handler Sehy, Scotty L.  SPC  
Ammo Specialist Barnett, Christopher L.  SPC  
Fuel Handler Evans, Carl O.  SPC  
Ammo Specialist Smith, Scott P.  SPC  

 Medical Section

Emergency Treatment NCO Lopez, Eusebio P.  SGT  
Medical Specialist Porter, Matthew D.  SPC  
Medical Specialist Winskie, Michael F.  PFC  

BN Mess Section

Food Svc Sergeant Barras, Ronald B.  SFC  
First Cook Banday, Danilo M.  SFC  
Cook Watson, Corey J.  CPL  
Cook Johnson, Richard E. SPC  
Cook Jones, Jonathan  SPC  
Cook Lambert, Yvette  SPC  

 Bn Maintenance Platoon

BN Motor Sergeant Grounder, Thomas W.  SSG  
Lt Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Hudgins, William B. Jr.  SGT  
Hvy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic  Smith, Curtis R.  SGT  
Hvy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Houston, Douglas B. SPC  
Lt Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Godfrey, Morgan D.  SPC  
QM & Chem Equipment Bragg, Richard B.  SPC  
Hvy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Honkanen, Dean M.  SPC  
PLL Clerk Barger, Dale C.  SPC  
Lt Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Henderson, Willie J.  SPC  
Lt Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Smith, Terry L.  SPC  
ILDG Repair Mcgroarty, Michael A.  SPC  
PLL Clerk Mcgrone, Jerry L.  SPC  
Pwr Gen Equip Repair Roberson, Frederick G.  SPC