Vincent E. Vassar Personal Account


I was in the HHB DIVARTY during Desert Storm, but at the time I was SPC Vassar.  I was 1LT Steele, Charlene, HHB XO, driver during the War. Originally, I was driving the commo sergeant, but the vehicle caught fire.  After the smoke settled, I become the XO driver until end of the war, redeployment to German, and until her ETS out of the Army back to California. 

The points-of-contact for the “1st Brigade in Desert Storm” section of the Association of 3AD Veterans website are Daryl W. Gordon and  Mike Williard .  Daryl is a Cold War Era veteran 2d Battalion, 6th Artillery and a past President and Secretary of the Association. Mike  is a Desert Storm and Cold War Veteran 2d Battalion, 3d Field Artillery and a past Secretary of the Association.  Please address content comments, additions, and corrections to them.