A Battery

A Battery

Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Fechner, Melvin "Mel" CPT until APR 91
Commander Yanson, Christopher CPT from APR 91; was BN FDO during groundwar
First Sergeant Mosley, Reginald 1SG  
CDR's HMMWV Driver "Gonzo" Gonzales, SPC  
CDR's M113A2 TC Bailey, Charles SPC 13E (FDC)
CDR's M113A2 Driver Kiester, Michael SPC  
1SG's Driver Cerdavidal, Jesus SPC Currently serving on OIF in Iraq as a SGT
Supply Sergeant Jordon, Wendell SSG  
Supply Clerk Argetsinger, William SPC  
NBC NCO Ibanez, Jason CPL  
Commo NCO Beam, Ellsworth "Jim" SSG  
Commo Flores, Rene SPC  
1/A Commo Schuerman, Glen SGT Later served in A/1-128 FA, MOARNG in St. Louis after ETS
2/A Commo Forester, Denver SPC  
Armorer Melgoza, Armando SPC  
Maintenance Team Chief Schonert, SFC  
Maintenance Shop Foreman Brogan, SSG  
Motor Sergeant Maness, SSG   
Maintenance Gendrue, SPC  
2d Plt. – section not known McEmery, Bruce M. SGT  
2d Plt. – section not known Lomeli-Alvarado, Ricardo SPC  
2d Plt. – section not known LeBourgeois, James SPC  

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader Walsh, Michael "Mick" 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Grajeles, Angel SFC  ???
PSG's HMMWV Driver Troubaugh, SPC  
Gunnery Sergeant/PL's HMMWV Driver Bridges, Donald SSG  
Fire Direction Officer Cannizzaro, Michael "Zarro" 2LT  
Fire Direction NCO Baumeister, Chris SGT  
Assist. FDNCO Plyler, Tom SGT  
FDC 1/A (advance party, chart, BUCS) Riel, Kurt SPC his brother Charles served in C/122d MSB during Desert Storm
FDC 1/A (driver, chart operator) Colvin, William E. "Eric" SPC  
FDC 1/A (BCS operator) Johnson, Larry SPC  
FDC 1/A Fulwood, Marion SPC  
Gun 1 Chief Burton, Gene SSG  
Gun 1 Gunner Hampton, Tracy A. SGT Killed in Cement City in bunker collapse
Gun 1 Assist. Gunner Atencio, Kevin  
Gun 1 Crew Southerland, Shawne E. PFC later became battery armorer
Gun 1 Crew Nausler, James PFC  
Gun 1 Crew Newman, Steve SPC  
Gun 1 Crew    
Gun 2 Chief McKnight, Henry SSG  
Gun 2 Gunner Moyer, SGT  
Gun 2 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 2 Crew Thompson, SPC  
Gun 2 Crew Volungus, SPC  
Gun 2 Crew Hasher, Lawrence SPC  
Gun 2 Crew    
Gun 3 Chief Smiley, Gary SSG  
Gun 3 Gunner    
Gun 3 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 3 Crew Lowery, Jonathan A. SPC later became battery armorer. Current SFC at Fort Hood / Iraq
Gun 3 Crew Bush, Joseph SPC  
Gun 3 Crew Merritt, Ralph SPC  
Gun 3 Crew Palmer, SPC  
Gun 3 Crew Cantrell, SPC  
Gun 4 Chief Perry, SSG Broke a leg and departed theater shortly before the rest of the BN
Gun 4 Gunner Dofner, Bill SGT  
Gun 4 Assist. Gunner Chisolm, "Moonbeam" SGT  
Gun 4 Crew    
Gun 4 Crew    
Gun 4 Crew    
Gun 4 Crew    
Which section in 1/A? Cosio, SGT  
Which section in 1/A? Edwards, SPC  

2nd Platoon

Platoon Leader Jones, Kenneth 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Byrd, Coleman SFC  
PL's HMMWV Driver    
PSG's HMMWV Driver    
Gunnery Sergeant Smalls, Fred SFC  
Fire Direction Officer Drinkard, Christopher "Chris" 2LT  
Fire Direction NCO Supron, John D. SSG from Louisiana
Assist. FDNCO Thrasher, SGT  
FDC Specialist Chavez, Robert SPC  
FDC Specialist Berrios, Richard SPC  
FDC Specialist Rottman, Michael SPC  
FDC M577 Driver Camden Christopher PFC  
Gun 5 Chief MacCorvey, Levon SSG  
Gun 5 Gunner DeVille, Steve CPL from Louisiana
Gun 5 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 5 Crew LeBourgeois, James SPC  
Gun 5 Crew Hopkins, Robert "Shakey Jake" SPC  
Gun 5 Crew Brown, Adrian "Get Busy" PFC  
Gun 5 Crew Ballet, PFC from New Orleans
Gun 6 Chief Whisnant, Brian SGT  
Gun 6 Gunner Messer, James CPL  
Gun 6 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 7 Chief Logan, James Wade SSG  
Gun 7 Gunner Davis, SGT  
Gun 7 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 7 Ammo Team hief Limos, Alfredo SGT  
Gun 7 Crew Vue, Chue SPC  
Gun 7 Crew Robinson, Courtney SPC (correct gun???)  
Gun 7 Crew Michael Phillips SPC Driver
Gun 8 Chief Johnson, Maurice SSG  
Gun 8 Gunner Bostic SPC  
Gun 8 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 8 Crew Jackson, Tracy SPC  
Gun 8 Crew Doorman SPC  
Gun 8 Crew Batian, Robert SPC  
Gun 8 Crew Rogers, Willie SPC  
Which section in 2/A? Robinson, Courtney SPC Section 5 or 6 any body know?
Which section in 2/A? Allen, SGT Broke his leg and redeployed early
Which section in 2/A? Hardwick, SGT  
Which section in 2/A? Oliver, Anthony SPC  
Which section in 2/A? Lawrence, Anthony PFC  
Which section in 2/A? Moore, Allen PFC  
Unknown Position David Casey Started out in HHB
Unknown Position Jeremey Thomas