Bravo Company

Bravo Company Task organized with 5-18 Infantry
Position Name Remarks
Commander (B66) Gavula, CPT  
CDR’s M1A1 Gunner (B66) Farley, James SGT  
CDR’s M1A1 Driver (B66)    
CDR’s M1A1 Loader (B66)    
CDR’s HMMVW Driver (B6)    
Executive Officer (B65) Holiday, Brett 1LT  
XO’s M1A1 Gunner (B65) Whitter,  SGT Company Master Gunner?
XO’s M1A1 Driver (B65)    
XO’s M1A1 Loader (B65)    
First Sergeant Allen, 1SG Later promoted to CSM.
1SG’s HMMWV Driver    
Supply Sergeant Purcell, Bill CPL  
Supply Clerk    
Commo Sergeant    
Other Silvey, Timothy SPC Went AWOL so he would not have to deploy. Serving ten years in brig at Fort Leavenworth.

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B11) Wilson, Woody 1LT  
Gunner (B11)    
Driver (B11) Yeargin, Alexander SPC  
Loader (B11)    
TC (B12)    
Gunner (B12)    
Driver (B12)    
Loader (B12)    
TC (B13)    
Gunner (B13)    
Driver (B13)    
Loader (B13)    
Platoon Sergeant (B14) Synder,  SFC Retired in 1995
Gunner (B14)    
Driver (B14) Morris, RJ “Moe” Currently (2008) serving in Kuwait w/ Ohio National Guard as a SGT, support for 3rd Army at ASG-KU
Loader (B14)    

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B21) Johnson,Chris 2LT 
Gunner (B21) Cook, SGT  
Driver (B21) Webb, PFC  
Loader (B21) McSpadden, Matt PFC  Currently living in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
TC (B22) Forshee, Robert SSG  
Gunner (B22) Seals, CPL  
Driver (B22) Hummel, SPC  
Loader (B22) Knight, PFC  
TC (B23) Dieckmann, Micheal SSG  
Gunner (B23) Brown, Adrian SGT  
Driver (B23) Jackson, SPC  
Loader (B23) Markham, PVT   Currently (2007) a SFC serving in Bagram, Afghanistan w/ 580th Signal Co
Platoon Sergeant (B24) Robinson, Joseph SFC  
Gunner (B24) Fischer, Craig SGT  
Driver (B24) Church, PFC  
Loader (B24) Kim, PFC  

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B31) Aiken, 1LT  
Gunner (B31) Morris, SGT  
Loader (B31) Perry, Richard P Currently living in West Virginia.
Driver (B31) Church, Lorenzo PFC  Currently (2003) an airline pilot with American Eagle Airlines, flying the Embraer Regional Jet.Picture of B31 crew courtesy of Lorenzo Church
TC (B32) Perez, Michael  Currently (2004) a SGM at Ft. Carson, CO
Gunner (B32) Jones, Kelly SGT  
Loader (B32)    
Driver (B32)    
TC (B33) Witer, Joel SSG Company Mastergunner
Gunner (B33) Ocheske, James F. SGT Retired as a SFC in 2004.  Currently (2004) working in Range Control at Ft. Benning, GA.
Loader (B33) Cardenas, Fabio PFC  
Driver (B33) Hill, Henry SPC  
Platoon Sergeant/TC (B34)-“Boots Up” Needles, Tom SFC  
Gunner (B34) Goodfrey, CPL  
Loader (B34) Allmon, Steven  
Driver (B34) Lawhorn, Larry SGT