Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Position Name Remarks
Battalion Commander (HQ66) Merritt, Daniel “Dan” LTC Dan Merritt passed away from cancer in October, 2004
BN CDR’s Gunner (HQ66) Whipkey, Mark A. SGT  
BN CDR’s Driver (HQ66)    
BN CDR’s Loader (HQ66)    
BN CDR’s HMMWV Driver (HQ6) Elliott, Martin M. As of 2008 was a Safety Manager at Hohenfels, Germany
Battalion Executive Officer Knack, David “Dave” MAJ  
BN XO’s HMMWV Driver    
Command Sergeant Major Morgan, Stephen CSM  
CSM’s HMMWV Driver    
S1 – Adjutant Heatherly, Rocky CPTHarbers, Pete CPT


Gericke, Brad 1LT

CPT Heatherly started the deployment as the S-1, Then served as the BMO before assuming command of A company in April/May.CPT Harbers started the deployment as the BMO & then was switched to S-1.


1LT Gericke became the  S-1after the cease fire. He is currently a Major at CGSC.

S1 NCOIC (PAC Chief)    
S1 Legal Specialist Higdon, Christopher S. SPC

Later went on to be accepted to the WOCS program and as of 2006 was assigned to the Multi-National Corps-Iraq as the Corps Legal Administrator, CW3



S1 Section    
S2 – Intelligence Officer Cowens, Paul CPT  
S2 – Asst. S2 Rector, Ken 1LT Currently a Major at CGSC.  Was the Dukes S2 from ’91 until ’
S2 NCOIC Anderson, MSG  
S2 Section Tolento, Michael A. SPC  
S2 Section Benson, Michael R. SPC 
S2 Section Guiteriez, PV2  
S2 Section Brooks, Reuben Eugene PV1  
S3 – Operations Officer (HQ63) Bierwirth, MAJScudder,  MAJ MAJ Scudder served as the aide-de-camp to MG Funk during the ground war. He became the S-3 when the battalion deployed to Camp Doha.
S3’s Gunner (HQ63)    
S3’s Driver (HQ63)    
S3’s Loader (HQ63)    
S3’s HMMWV Driver (HQ3)    
Assist. S3 – Battle Captain Lowe, Wayne CPT Commanded C Company from Mar 91 until Sep 92.
Assist. S3 Air    
S3 NCOIC Dudley, SFC “Daddy Dudley”
Asst. S3 NCOIC Capobianco, Micheal SFC Battalion Master Gunner
S3 Section White, SPC M-577 Driver
S3 Section    
BN FSO Brewer, R. Christion
Air Liaison Officer    
BN Liaison Officer (LNO) Sabol, Keith 1LT 
S4 – Logistics Officer Antrobus, Steve CPT  
S4 NCOIC    
S4 Section    
S4 Section    
BN Signal Officer (SIGO) Jimenez, Ignacio CPT  
SIGO Driver Dunlap, Kevin PFC  
BN Signal NCOIC    
BN Chemical Officer Massey, Pat 1LT  
Physician’s Assistant Nesbit, Darrell CW2Doherty, Bill WO1  
Chaplain Hardy, TJ CPT As of 2009, a Staff Chaplain GS-12 working for the Dept. of Veteran Affairs in Battle Creek, MI
Chaplain’s Assistant