Message to C Troop from CPT

Message to C Troop from CPT Houck

4th of July 2003

Message to all CCo 3-8 CAV soldiers from C6

Happy 4th to the Thunderbolts,

Well I thought that since it has been 12 years since C Co had a Command and Staff meeting, it was deserving to inform you guys that last week we had one. Probably the best one that we ever had. Top and his family stopped over in Puerto Rico on their way to the Virgin Islands,  (poor bastard) even though the meeting only lasted 5 hours I have to admit that the agenda was covered in style, Tim managed to tackle the crap out of the 7 and 7, and I did my anti-communist routine by making sure there was less Vodka for the SOBs in the Mother Land, since I could not find the restaurant without my faithful driver Julio, we took shelter in a nice Argentinian place. We told stories and Rosemary and the NO Longer Hasting's kids had a nice Beef dinner, while TOP and I remembered the latrine burning BBQs that
we had in the desert. We had a wonderful time, for those of you that are curious, both TOP and I would be in the Fat Boy Program if we were still in the Army, remedial PT would be an every day thing and while I have very little hair left (putting up w/ Michek, Julio and Weiss was not easy) the ISG's head is ALL WHITE.

I have to get to work now, I hope everyone is well and had a good time on OUR day, remember Freedom is not free, El Diablo