Bravo Company (TF 4-34 AR) “Tall Cotton!”

Bravo Company (TF 4-34 AR) “Tall Cotton!”

 Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (B66) Jackson, Larry CPT  
CDR’s M1A1 Gunner    
CDR’s M1A1 Driver    
CDR’s M1A1 Loader    
CDR’s HMMVW Driver    
Executive Officer (B65) Tyrrell, Paul 1LT  
XO’s M1A1 Gunner    
XO’s M1A1 Driver    
XO’s M1A1 Loader    
First Sergeant Barnes, Willie 1SG  
1SG’s Driver    
Supply Sergeant    
Commo Sergeant Moore, Michael W. SPC Brought in from 5-8 INF for Desert Storm

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B11)    
1/B – rank/position unknown    
Gunner (B11) Baade, David L. SGT As of 2007, still on active duty serving as a 1SG in Germany
Driver (B11)    
Loader (B11)    
TC (B12) Perry, Roosevelt (rank?)  
Gunner (B12) Johnson, Lance (rank?)  
Driver (B12) Collins, Chris (rank?)  
Loader (B12) Lages, Aaron SPC Also supernumerary on “RO RO” ship that transported BN vehicles to SWA.  Departed Europe 20 DEC 90, arriving Dahran in early JAN 91.
TC (B13)    
Gunner (B13)    
Driver (B13)    
Loader (B13)    
Platoon Sergeant (B14)    
Gunner (B14)    
Driver (B14)    
Loader (B14)    

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B21) Hughes, Dean 1LT Became C/4-34 AR XO on 16 MAR 91
Gunner (B21) Proffit, James SGT Became TC of B21 on 16 MAR 91.
Driver (B21) Carter, PFC  
Loader (B21) Morris, Terrance PFC  
TC (B22) Barnswell, John SSG  
Gunner (B22) Stamm, CPL  
Driver (B22) Slaughter, Derrick SPC  
Loader (B22) Paolini, PFC  
TC (B23) Jones, Calvin SSG  
Gunner (B23) Chapman, SGT  
Driver (B23) Paup, Cullie PFC  
Loader (B23) Barnes, PFC  
Platoon Sergeant (B24) Rynearson, Robert SFC  
Gunner (B24) Fuller, Bradley SGT  
Driver (B24) Boykin, SPC  
Loader (B24) Williamson, PFC  

 3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (B31)    
Gunner (B31)    
Loader (B31)    
Driver (B31)    
TC (B32)    
Gunner (B32)    
Loader (B32)    
Driver (B32)    
TC (B33)    
Gunner (B33)    
Loader (B33)    
Driver (B33)    
Platoon Sergeant/TC (B34)    
Gunner (B34)    
Loader (B34)    
Driver (B34)