Alpha Company (TF 4-34 AR)

Alpha Company (TF 4-34 AR)

Position  Name & Rank  Remarks
Commander (A66) Stader, David C. CPT Assumed command Summer 1990
CDR’s M1A1 Gunner (A66) Kessel, Rex SGT  
CDR’s M1A1 Driver (A66) Jordan, James SPC  
CDR’s M1A1 Loader (A66) Hamilton, Nelson SPC  
CDR’s HMMVW Driver Masaniai, Emani SGT  
Executive Officer (A65) Kerska, Eric D. 1LT Became BMO 15 MAR 91
Executive Officer Bone, Jack W. 1LT BN LNO during ground war; XO starting mid MAR 91
XO’s M1A1 Gunner (A65) Ballard, Phil CPL  
XO’s M1A1 Driver (A65) Youell, Vince PV2  
XO’s M1A1 Loader (A65) Norling, Doug SPC  
First Sergeant (A7) Barr, Caleb A. III 1SG  
Supply Sergeant Mills, Perry SGT  
Asst. Supply Sergeant Golston, Wayne SGT  
NBC NCO Doss, Cleotis SPC  
Commo Sergeant (1SG’s Driver) (A7) McCurdy, SGT  
A Co. Unknown – click for photo   This photo is reported to be Spc Uhrick. Loader for A-12

 1st Platoon
(This platoon came from 4-34 AR as a complete platoon in NOV 1990 from 1-68 AR from Wildflecken, Germany)

Platoon Leader/TC (A11) Macko, 1LT  
Gunner (A11) Keen, SGT  
Driver (A11) Jarrin, Juan SPC  
Loader (A11) Rucks, PFC  
TC (A12) Allivand, SSG  
Gunner (A12) Moran, CPL  
Driver (A12) Kent, PV2  
Loader (A12) Uhrick, SPC  
TC (A13) Holeman, SSG  
Gunner (A13) Slayton, SPC  
Driver (A13) Adler, SPC  
Loader (A13) Hayes, SPC  
Platoon Sergeant (A14) Taylor, Johnny SFC  
Gunner (A14) Brewer, SGT  
Driver (A14) Woolsey, PFC  
Loader (A14) Jones, SPC  

2d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A21) Curley, Harry 2LT  
Gunner (A21) Drovie, SGT  
Driver (A21) Pease, Robert SPC  
Loader (A21) Flores, PFC  
TC (A22) Larkin, SSG  
Gunner (A22) Drymon, SPC  
Driver (A22) Lewis, PFC  
Loader (A22) Thornton, SPC  
TC (A23) White, Christopher SGT  
Gunner (A23) Malloy, CPL  
Driver (A23) Lucas, SPC  
Loader (A23) Kotrys, SPC  
Platoon Sergeant (A24) Cooke, Eric F. SFC Killed in Iraq in December, 2003 while serving in the rank of CSM.  Click on his name to the left for additional information.
Gunner (A24) Williams, SGT  
Driver (A24) Roberts, PFC  
Loader (A24) Delsardo, SPC  

3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A31) Arnold, Quinton 2LT  
Gunner (A31) Search, CPL  
Driver (A31) Konitzer, SPC  
Loader (A31) Boyher, SPC  
TC (A32) Rodriguez, Gilberto SSG  
Gunner (A32) Kinney, Troy SGT  
Loader (A32) Vazquez, Joey PV2  
Driver (A32) Lingerfelt, Scott PFC  
TC (A33) Reddix, SSG  
Gunner (A33) Caine, SGT  
Loader (A33) Cummings, SPC  
Driver (A33) Williams, Ardell SPC  
Platoon Sergeant/TC (A34) Saxon, SFC  
Gunner (A34) Jordan, SGT  
Loader (A34) Holland, PFC  
Driver (A34) Christophe, SPC