2-27th FA Personal Diary

This page is dedicated to the memories and stories of the 2d Battalion, 27th Field Artillery Regiment and its veterans. If you have content to contribute to this page, please contact the webmaster.


SGT Fred Morgan

Bravo Battery became a renegade battery in the 2/27 Field Artillery when Captain Liebe became Battery Commander. This energetic 35+ year old Captain was reportedly the oldest Captain in the US European Army. CPT Liebe reportedly had been enlisted until his 30's when he went to OCS. Shortly after he took command, Bravo was sent on multiple training exercises which the rest of 2/27 wasn't required to participate in. This not only aggravated the soldiers, but evidently also aggravated CPT Liebe. The Captain, 1SG Pied with SFG Turner renamed us Bravo Battalion and gave us the motto "Born in the Back Woods". From this point forward until my departure in 1981, we always showed up "loudly" and late for battalion formations singing "…we're Bravo Battalion By God…" and generally "Flanked" every battalion request by doing it faster or before requested then being released  before the Battalion Commander could add more. We also flaunted a Bravo Battalion Banner when leaving or departing Ray Barracks. This was the best unity I can remember in my military career. Unity and brotherhood not only for the men, but also for the wives. Picnics, tours and outings for soldiers and their wives. Wives also participated in this Bravo Bn attitude thanks to Truddie Liebe the Captains wife, who as a former enlisted man's wife, made overseas service for the wives a pleasure. Of course there are dozens of stories, like SFC Turner's 6 Months of training for Delta, running 5 miles to work every day only to be sent back at the plane after CID discovered he had a head injury at the age of 4YO.  Or Jim O'Connell's Morning after Doplebauc Runs all over the room the morning of the Command inspection. Lord what a unit. I miss them all.