Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Position Name & Rank Remarks
Battalion Commander Richardson, Robert T. LTC Banger 6
Battalion Executive Officer Mogren, Eric T. MAJ(P) Frocked to LTC and placed in command of TF 33 EN w/3d BDE on 4 FEB 91; returned to 12 EN as XO on 7 MAY 91.
 Battalion Executive Officer  Ridenour, David Robert MAJ(P)  see S3 below; replaced MAJ(P) Mogren as BN XO
Command Sergeant Major Raphael, CSM “Ninja Turtle”; Vietnam veteran
BN CDR’s Driver Little, SPC  
XO’s Driver Palmer, PFC  
CSM’s Driver Payne, SPC  
Brigade Engineer    
 Brigade Engineer NCO    
 S1 – Adjutant Vogel, Hans R. 1LT  
S1 Landry, Keith CPT Augmentee from Ft. Leonard Wood and EAOC; was S4 of TF 33 EN during ground offensive; when TF 33 EN disbanded, was S1 of 12 EN BN from 7 MAY to 19 MAY (when he redeployed to Ft. Wood).
S2 – Intelligence Officer Pollack, John F. 1LT Augmentee from 1-68 AR, deployed with Advance Party
S3 – Operations Officer Ridenour, David R. MAJ(P) Advance Party OIC; became BN XO on 4 FEB 91 until 7 MAY 91
 S3 – Operations Officer  Yates, Douglas R. MAJ  from 4 FEB 91 to 7 MAY 91; came from 23d Engineers when TF 33 Engineers took the BN XO
 Assist. S3  Pace, Allen Lee CPT  
Assist. S3 Rasmus, Joseph J. CPT Took command of HHC after ground war
S3 NCOIC Cox, Doug SFC Also Advance Party NCOIC
S3 Section Wilcox, SGT  
S4 – Logistics Officer Johnson, Kevin P. CPT Became XO, TF 33 EN w/3d BDE on 4 FEB 91
 S4 – Logistics Officer  Hall, Jeffery M. CPT Augmentee (from ??)
S4 NCOIC Gathers, SGT  
Assistant S4 Corominas, Hector L. 1LT  
BN Signal Officer (SIGO) Lockman, CPT  
BN Signal NCOIC Samson, SGT  
BN Chemical Officer Frandsen, Marc C. 2LT  Also served as HHC XO
Battalion Maintenance Officer LeBeouf, Gene CPT Augmentee from Ft. Leonard Wood and EAOC
Battalion Maintenance Officer Vaughn, Allan CPT later took command of B Co.?
Battalion Maintenance Tech. Seals, WO1  
 Battalion Maintenance Tech. Miller, Rickey L. W01  augmentee; became BMO/BMT for TF 33 EN
Physician’s Assistant Hylinski, Robert CW3 Augmentee from 122d MSB
Chaplain Baglien, CPT denomination???
Chaplain’s Assist. Gonzales, SPC  

TF 33 Engineers (Provisional) Staff (from 12th Engineer Battalion) (disbanded 7 MAY 91)

Commander Mogren, Eric T. MAJ(P)  
XO Johnson, Kevin CPT  
S1 Landry, Keith CPT Augmentee from Ft. Leonard Wood and EAOC
S4 Gile, Todd CPT Augmentee from Ft. Leonard Wood and EAOC

TF 33 Engineers (Provisional) Maintenance Support Team (from 147th Maintenance Company, Schwinfurt, Germany) (disbanded 7 MAY 91)

OIC-MST Cates, William CW3  
OIC’s Driver  Tripp, Arthur SPC  
   Towbar SSG  
   Henry, Walter SGT  
   Alfaro SPC  
   Sipes, Randy SPC