Headquarters and Service Company

Headquarters and Service Company

Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Thompson, Scott  CPT  
First Sergeant Onofe, Robert 1SG  

 HHC Supply Section

Supply Sergeant Rose, SGT  
Supply Specialist Hubenak, SPC  
Aviation Section
Section Leader / IFE Reynolds, Judd CPT  
UH60 Senior Instructor Pilot Warren, CW4  
Aircraft Maint Technician Rosas, Manuel (Mel) CW4  
Tac Trans Helicopter Repair    
Tac Trans Helicopter Repair    
Util Helicopter Repair Walker, SPC  
Util Helicopter Repair Brown, SGT  

                                                          Commo Section

TAC Commo Chief    
Commo Chief    
Radio Team Chief    
Radio TTY Operator Mills, SPC  
TAC Comm Sys Opr    
Radio Operator Belknap, William SPC  

III / V  Platoon

Platoon Leader  Robinson, 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Nevinger, Larry SFC  
Section Chief Davila, SSG  
Aircraft Fuel Supervisor Patterson, Donald SGT Saint Louis SGT
Aircraft Fuel Handler McIntosh, Debrah SGT  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Hawes, SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Brown, Ernest SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Jackson, SPC  
Ammo Specialist Flores, Benito SGT  
Ammo Specialist McCorkle, SSG  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Dietsch, Hector SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Crawford, SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler Baker, SGT  
Aircraft Fuel Handler    
Ammo Specialist Schuh, SPC  
Ammo Specialist Howell, SSG  
Ammo Specialist Eaton, Benjamin SPC  
Fuel Handler Simpson, SPC  
Aircraft Fuel Handler    
Aircraft Fuel Handler    
Aircraft Fuel Handler    
Fuel Handler    
Ammo Specialist    
Fuel Handler    
Ammo Specialist    

 Medical Section

Flight Surgeon Hodges, Kerry MAJ,  M.D.  
OIC Kuwamoto, Roderick CW3  P.A.  
NCOIC Lambert, Rodney SGT  
Medical Specialist Meenan, John SPC  
Medical Specialist Faison, David SPC  

BN Mess Section

Food Svc Sergeant Keith, Robert SFC  
First Cook Payne SFC  Attached
Cook Anderson-Kappa, Andrew SGT  
Cook Curry, Jerome SPC  
Cook Gootie, Luke SPC  
Cook Hollis, SPC  
Cook Smit, SPC Attached

 Bn Maintenance Platoon

BN Motor Officer Gribenski, Arthur CW4  
BN Motor Sergeant Miller, SSG  
Lt Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Cornell, Jim SPC  
Hvy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic     
Hvy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic    
Lt Wheel Vehicle Mechanic    
QM & Chem Equipment    
Hvy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic    
PLL Clerk    
Lt Wheel Vehicle Mechanic    
Lt Wheel Vehicle Mechanic    
ILDG Repair    
PLL Clerk Lynch, Royce SPC  
Pwr Gen Equip Repair