Battalion Headquarters and Staff

Position Name Remarks
Battalion Commander Jones, Anthony, LTC  
Bn Cdr’s Veh Driver Hill, Rollin, PFC  
Battalion Executive Officer Farrell, Stephen MAJ  
Bn XO’s Veh Driver    
Command Sergeant Major Shidell, Larry, CSM during Apache Training Program and deployment to Europe
Command Sergeant Major Sanford, CSM  
CSM’s Veh Driver    

Battalion Staff

S1 Adjutant Flynn, 1LT  
S1 PAC Supervisor Calloway, Leon  SFC  
S1 PSNCO Best, SGT  
S1 Legal Specialist Miller, PFC  
S1 Legal Specialist Widby, SPC  
S1 Pers Admin Spec Muarry, SPC  
S2 Intelligence Officer Gorski, CPT  
S2 NCOIC Styles, David SFC  
S2 Intel Anaylist Bacon, SGT  
S2 Intel Anaylist Shiroma, Neil SPC  
S3 Operations Officer  Crutchfield, CPT  Current:  Farris, Roger  MAJ  3-227, 1CD
S3 Asst Operations Officer    
S3 Asst Operations Officer    
S3 Asst Operations Officer    
S3 Asst Operations Officer    
Flight Safety Technican Kather, David CW3  
Senior Instructor Pilot Parrish, Steve CW2  
S3 Operations Sergeant    
S3 Operations Specialist    
S3 Flt Operations Chief    
S3 Flt Operations Specialist    
S3 Flt Operations Sergeant Barker, SGT  
S3 Flt Operations Specialist Rivas, Edward CPL  
S3 Flt Operations Specialist Travis, Scott SPC  
S3 Flt Operations Specialist Wise, Lee SPC  1990-1992
S3 Chemical Officer    
S3 NBC NCO Miller, SSG  
Chemical Ops Specialist Marshall, Mark SPC  
S3 Fire Support NCO    
S4 – Logistics Officer Fox, Dennis 2LT  
S4 NCOIC Aaron, Larry SFC  
S4 Supply Sergeant    
S4 Supply Specialist Scott, SPC  
S4 Supply Specialist Shmidt, SPC  
S4 Supply Specialist Demynck, Dennis SPC  
  Welch, Randolph  Assigned from TF Viper
                                      Rear Detachment – “Mission: Take Care of Families”
Rear Detachment Commander    
Rear Detachment NCOIC    
Rear Detachment Driver