Headquarters and Headquarters Battery (HHB)

Headquarters and Headquarters Battery (HHB)

Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Riley, Andrew CPT  
Commander’s HMMWV Driver Simmons, SPC  
First Sergeant Perez, Raul 1SG  
1SG’s HMMWV Driver Miller, Allen Still serving in 2009 in Iraq for 4th deployment
Supply Sergeant  Wells, Paul SGT  
Supply Specialist  Givner,  PV2  
Armorer  Sinnett,   SPC  
Unknown Recon Position Pat Bowman  
Unknown Position Anthony J. Fulin  
Unknown Position Libano, Gary SFC  

Commo Platoon

Commo Platoon Leader/XO Koi 1LT  
Commo Platoon Sergeant Williams, SFC  
Wire Team Chief  Jones, Clyde SGT  
Commo Section    
Commo Section    
Commo Section    
Commo Section    
Commo Section    

Survey Platoon

Recon/Survey Officer (HB-30) Koi LT  
Surveyor(?)/Driver (HB-30) Stout, Aaron SPC Received Purple Heart Medal
Survey Platoon Sergeant (HB-30) Rogers, SFC  
Survey PADS Operator (HB-31) Henry, Robert SGT  
Survey PADS Operator (HB-32) Cotton, Russell D. SPC(P)  
Survey PADS Operator (HB-33) Williams, Michael SGT  
Survey Section Chief (HB-34) Strickland, William SSG(P)  
Survey Asst. PADS Operator (HB-31) Strobel, William PFC  
Survey Asst. PADS Operator (HB-32) Fafard, George PFC  
Survey Asst. PADS Operator (HB-33) Fernandez, Javier SPC  
Survey Asst. PADS Operator (HB-34)    
Survey HMMWV Driver (HB-34) Vargas, Antonio SPC  
Survey HMMWV Driver (HB-32)    

Medical Platoon

Physicians Asst BN Medical Officer Muller, Wilhelm Bernard CW2  
Medic Platoon Sergeant    
Aid Station NCOIC Haddock, Keith SGT  
Asst Aid Station NCOIC Muirhead, Patrick CPL  
HHB Medic James P. (Jim) Mobley SPC  
HHB Medic Dixon, Owen CPL  
HHB Medic Forgey, Richard SPC  
HHB Medic    
HHB Medic    
A Btry Medic Miller, Avery SPC  
A Btry Medic Banks, Claiborne SPC  
B Btry Medic Conley, Michael SPC  
B Btry Medic Rortvedt, Robert SPC  
C Btry Medic Wallace, Deon SPC  
C Btry Medic Kennedy, Harold SPC  
SVC Btry Medic Jahanmir, Mohsen “Alex” SPC  
Unknown rank/position Hastings, Marvis  
Unknown rank/position Andrew Patterson  
Unknown rank/position Todd Paulson