B Battery

B Battery

Position Name & Rank Remarks
Commander Drago, James P. until approx. APR 91, then became Aide to new CG (MG Rutherford)
First Sergeant Stockdale, Hotsol 1SG  
CDR's HMMWV Driver Hopkins, Robert SPC  
CDR's M113 TC Ward, SGT  
CDR's M113 Driver Long, SPC  
1SG's Driver    
Supply Sergeant Asher, Lawrence SSG  
Armorer Dillard, Anthony SPC 2008 Fed Hospital Administrator
NBC NCO Aspenleiter, Mark SGT Honorably discharged 1994, Currently working with the Austin, TX Police Department
Commo NCO No. 1 Jay, Greg SGT  
Commo NCO No. 2 Martinez, A. SGT  
Commo Section Perry, Theodore E. SPC  
Motor Sergeant Mobley, Tilden J. SSG  Retired as SFC in 1999
Shop Foreman Black, SGT  
Track Mechanic Agle, Anthony SPC  
Track Mechanic Nedue, PFC Spelling may be wrong
Track Mechanic Miller, Jason SPC  
Track Mechanic Riggs, SPC  
Truck Mechanic Peebles, Darrell SPC  

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader Tarsa, Michael 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Thompson, Terrence D. SFC  
PL's HMMWV Driver Ditzenburger, D. PFC  
PSG's HMMWV Driver    
Gunnery Sergeant Bronson, Ernie SFC  
Gunnery Sergeant Chaves-Santiago, R. SFC  
Fire Direction Officer McGowan, Jeffrey S. "Sloth" 1LT  
Fire Direction NCO Watson, Daniel L. SSG  
Assist. FDNCO Fuller, Timothy CPL  
FDC Specialist Kohler, Keith PFC  
FDC Specialist Glenn, Bryan Cleveland PV2  
FDC Specialist Church, Ralph PFC  
FDC M577 Driver Borman, G. PFC  
Gun 1 Chief Barshaw, SSG  
Gun 1 Gunner Gibson, SGT   
Gun 1 Assist. Gunner Triadrosas, A. CPL   
Gun 1 #1 Crewman Edwards, D. SPC  Awarded Bronze Star
Gun 1 ATC & #2 Crewman Hickman, SPC   
Gun 1 #3 Crewman Byers, D. PFC   
Gun 1 #4 Crewman Barboza, F. PVT  2004 – SSG in 10th MTN Div
Gun 1 #5 Crewman Vento, D. PVT   
Gun 2 Chief Garcia-Lebron, Daniel SSG  
Gun 2 Gunner Enderle, M. SGT  
Gun 2 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 2 Crew Bates, C. PVT  
Gun 2 Crew    
Gun 2 Crew    
Gun 2 Crew    
Gun 3 Chief Barshaw, M. SSG ???  
Gun 3 Gunner    
Gun 3 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 3 Crew    
Gun 3 Crew    
Gun 3 Crew    
Gun 3 Crew    
Gun 4 Chief Sanchez, SSG ???  
Gun 4 Gunner    
Gun 4 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 4 Crew    
Gun 4 Crew    
Gun 4 Crew    
Gun 4 Crew    

2nd Platoon

Platoon Leader Felber, Joseph G. III 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant Kissell, Roy SFC  
PL's HMMWV Driver Livingston, Douglas SPC  
PSG's HMMWV Driver    
Gunnery Sergeant Knight, Frank SSG(P)  
Fire Direction Officer Daugherty, Timothy "TD" 2LT  
Fire Direction NCO Fernen, Jeffrey L. SGT  
Assist. FDNCO Phillips, "Phil" SGT  
FDC Specialist Price, James A. PFC  
FDC Specialist Reddick, SPC  
FDC Specialist    
FDC M577 Driver Torres, PFC  
Gun 5 Chief Santana, Norberto SSG  
Gun 5 Gunner Andersen, Scott SGT Now SFC w/101st Airborne Division
Gun 5 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 5 Crew Moundine, Gregory D. PFC SFC retired as of April 2010. Now as a civilian for HRC at Fort Knox, KY
Gun 5 Crew Nieto, D. SPC  
Gun 5 Crew Ingram, Danny PFC  
Gun 5 Crew    
Gun 6 Chief White, Ricky SGT  
Gun 6 Gunner Geiger, Mark SGT which section???
Gun 6 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 6 Crew    
Gun 7 Chief Jones, Redell SSG  
Gun 7 Gunner Mosley, Leo SGT Per Raleigh G Fuller Jr
Gun 7 Assist. Gunner Fuller, Raleigh G. Jr PFC Now a field chemist in Greensboro, NC
Gun 7 Crew Muhammed, Sultan SPC Per Raleigh G Fuller Jr
Gun 7 Crew Thomas, Everett SGT Per Raleigh G Fuller Jr
Gun 7 Crew    
Gun 7 Crew    
Gun 8 Chief Davis, Glenn SSG  
Gun 8 Gunner Dews, Alvin Ray SGT  
Gun 8 Assist. Gunner    
Gun 8 Crew McPeake, Robert PFC 630th TC Co, PAARNG (Washington, PA)
Gun 8 Crew Joe, C. PFC  
Gun 8 Crew Nolen, PFC  
Gun 8 Crew Andersen, Scott SGT Ammo Team Chief; Now SFC w/101st Airborne Division

 Known Bravo Battery Names, Unkown Positions

(Note:  Some of these names came from a poster in the current barracks of 2-3 FA in Gießen.  The photos were taken about 2 to 3 months after B Btry returned from the Persian Gulf, and may include soldiers who arrived in the battalion after Desert Storm.  If you can identify a soldier's position or a soldier who did not deploy for Desert Storm, please send me an e-mail…)

  Esposito, SGT from 59th Ordnance
  Vachon, CPL 2d Platoon, which section?
  Enderle, Steve/Mark? SGT augmentee from 23d USAFAD; 2d Platoon, which section? Gun 7?
  Koeb, D. SPC  
  Bates, C. PVT  
  Bell, R. SPC  
  Boker, T. PVT  
  Buchanan, PFC Later served in A/1-128 FA, MOARNG in St. Louis after ETS
  Byrd, R. SPC Postwar Armorer
  Chandler, C. PFC  
  Chavez, A. SPC  
  Chitty, R. SPC  
  Cornett, H. SGT  
  Crawford, E. PVT  
  Davis, A. PFC  
  Gadson, L. SPC  
  Gadson, R. SPC Not related to above
  Gullickson, P. CPL 1/B?
  Hall, B. SPC  
  Hutchins, Charles PFC 2/B
  James, A. SSG 1/B Gun Chief?
  Krafft, J. SGT  
  Lawrence, F. SPC  
  Love, D. SGT  
  Lucas, A. SPC  
  Minor, G(regory?) SPC  
  Moore, J. SGT  
  Morris, R. PVT  
  Nix, T. SPC Had twin brother in 2-3 FA?
  Reidel, C. PVT  
  Redie, K. SPC May actually be Reddick of 2/B FDC
  Robinson, M. SPC  
  Seminora, J. SPC  
  Sosa, E. PFC  
  Taylor, A. SGT  
  Michael Thompson  
  Whitehead, J. SGT Postwar NBC NCO?
  Wright, D. SPC  
  Valle, SSG  
  Guthrie, Vance Gunner, supply clerk
  Fast, Christopher