Alpha Company – “Axemen” – Task-organized to 4-18 IN

Alpha Company – “Axemen” – Task-organized to 4-18 IN


Position Name Remarks
Commander (A66) Herdade, Joe CPT Currently on active duty as a LTC.
CDR’s M1A1 Gunner (A66)    
CDR’s M1A1 Driver (A66)  Campell, Todd  “Soup”  
CDR’s M1A1 Loader (A66)  Doi.  Ken  
CDR’s HMMVW Driver (A6)    
Executive Officer (A65) Speight, James 1LT “Shep”
XO’s M1A1 Gunner (A65)    
XO’s M1A1 Driver (A65)    
XO’s M1A1 Loader (A65)    
First Sergeant Walker, Rufus 1SG Retired living in Fort Hood Texas (2003)
1SG’s HMMWV Driver    
Supply Sergeant    
Supply Clerk    
Commo Sergeant    

 1st Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A11) Rosier, Nathan 2LT  
Gunner (A11)    
Driver (A11)    
Loader (A11)    
TC (A12) SSG Guzman  
Gunner (A12) SGT Reagan  
Driver (A12)    
Loader (A12) PFC Michael J Milinkovich  
TC (A13)    
Gunner (A13)  Chuck Nordstrom  
Driver (A13)    
Loader (A13)    
Platoon Sergeant (A14) Armstrong, SFC  
Gunner (A14)    
Driver (A14)    
Loader (A14)    

2d Platoon – “Rogue Axe” – task organized to B/4-18 IN

Platoon Leader/TC (A21) Verhaeg, Leonard “Leo” 2LT  
Gunner (A21) Smith, Jeffrey E. CPL As of 2002, a SSG(P)
Driver (A21) Scudder, SPC  
Loader (A21) Cope, SPC  
TC (A22) Edge, Jimmy SGT  
Gunner (A22)  Blair, Barry CPL  
Driver (A22)    
Loader (A22)    
TC (A23) Blount, SSG  
Gunner (A23)    
Driver (A23) Reno, Cano SPC 2003 – currently stationed in 4th ID at Ft Hood
Loader (A23)    
Platoon Sergeant (A24) Miller, James R. SFC  
Gunner (A24) Green, Matthew J. CPL  
Driver (A24) Gori, Tom SPC  
Loader (A24) Schabel, Peter PFC  

3d Platoon

Platoon Leader/TC (A31) Redner, Joe 2LT  
Gunner (A31)    
Driver (A31)    
Loader (A31)    
TC (A32)    
Gunner (A32)    
Loader (A32)    
Driver (A32)    
TC (A33)    
Gunner (A33)    
Loader (A33)    
Driver (A33) Dolenti, David PFC  
Platoon Sergeant/TC (A34)    
Gunner (A34)    
Loader (A34)    
Driver (A34)