Headquarters and Headquarters Troop

Headquarters and Headquarters Troop

Position Name Remarks
Commander Sieferth, George CPT  
Executive Officer Kaufman, Matt 1LT  
First Sergeant Denney, 1SG  
1SG’s HMMWV Driver Baldwin, SGT  
Supply Sergeant    
Supply Section    
Supply Section    
Commo NCO    
Commo Section Cluster, Larry SFC cluster@worldnet.att.net
Commo Section    
Commo Section    
UNKNOWN Bryant, Dale dalienbryant@yahoo.com

Mortar Platoon

Platoon Leader Hurley, Craig 1LT  
Platoon Sergeant    
HMMWV Driver Giles, Siler PFC  
Position/section unknown Robbins, SSG  
Position/section unknown Maysonet, “Mayo” SSG  
Position/section unknown Cymbor, Jason  
Position/section unknown Runyon, SPC  

1st Section

1st Section Sergeant Bennete, SSG  
1st Section FDC Chief Mayosonet, SSG “Mayo”
1st Section FDC – Check Townsend, SGT  
1st Section FDC – Driver Runyon, Rick SPC  
Gun 1 Sect. Ldr. (1st Sect.)    
Gun 1 Gunner (1st Sect.) Haid, Jody PFC  
Gun 1 Asst. Gunner (1st Sect.)  Strrebeck  
Gun 1 Driver (1st Sect.)    
Gun 2 Sect. Ldr. (1st Sect.) Wilke, CPL  
Gun 2 Gunner (1st Sect.)    
Gun 2 Asst. Gunner (1st Sect.)    
Gun 2 Driver (1st Sect.)    
Gun 3 Sect. Ldr. (1st Sect.) Pultynovich, Dave CPL  
Gun 3 Gunner (1st Sect.) Sommerhauser, Michael PFC Currently a SSG w/ 4-31 Infantry at Ft. Drum.
Gun 3 Asst. Gunner (1st Sect.) Medlin, Daryl  
Gun 3 Driver (1st Sect.) Machado, PV2  

2d Section

2d Section Sergeant Robbins, SSG  
2d Section FDC Chief Jones, Timothy SSG  
2d Section FDC – Check Persons, George SGT  
2d Section FDC – Driver Hoover, Paul D. PFC Currently (2002) owns and manages a computer company.
Gun 1 Sect. Ldr. (2d Sect.)    
Gun 1 Gunner (2d Sect.)    
Gun 1 Asst. Gunner (2d Sect.)  Cymbor,  PFC  
Gun 1 Driver (2d Sect.)    
Gun 2 Sect. Ldr. (2d Sect.) Hubbard, SGT  
Gun 2 Gunner (2d Sect.) Hernandez, Ruben, SPC  
Gun 2 Asst. Gunner (2d Sect.)  Streibeck, PFC  
Gun 2 Driver (2d Sect.) Aten, Brad PFC  
Gun 3 Sect. Ldr. (2d Sect.) Brown, SGT  
Gun 3 Gunner (2d Sect.) Knode, Mark J. PFC Currently (2002) a manager at Walmart.
Gun 3 Asst. Gunner (2d Sect.) Long, David PFC  
Gun 3 Driver (2d Sect.) Billings, Mathew  Major (Retired) at St. Lawrence County, NY

Scout Platoon

Platoon Leader (HQ51) Boyle, Thomas 1LT  
Gunner (HQ51) Pearl, Dean SGT  
Loader/Observer (HQ51) Pavlik, Flagg SPC  
Driver (HQ51) Wilson, Ned “Ross” PFC  
Platoon Sergeant Griffin, Russel SFC Retired in 1993 at Fort Knox
Senior Scout/Alpha Section Leader (HQ52)    
Assistant Alpha Section Leader (HQ52) Garza, Richard SGT Left active duty in 1992.
Gunner (HQ52) Gonzales, Conrad SGT 2002 a SFC stationed at Ft. Carson, CO w/ 1/3 ACR.
Loader/Observer (HQ52) Schattner, Randy W. SPC  
Driver (HQ52) Holmstrom, Joel SPC now
resides in the Bartlesville ok, area.
Assistant Alpha Section Sergeant (HQ53)    
Gunner (HQ53) Corley, Joseph SGT 2002, a SSG still on active duty in Europe.
Loader/Observer (HQ53)    
Driver (HQ53) Rinehart, John SPC  
(HQ53) Simmons, Byron SGT  
Bravo Section Sergeant (HQ54) Sweat, Lloyd SSG Retired back to Gelnhausen
Gunner (HQ54) Acox, Bill SGT  
Loader/Observer (HQ54) Skaro, Bob SPC  
Driver (HQ54)    
TC Platoon Sergeant (HQ55) Hollis, Larry SSG  
Gunner (HQ55) Townsend, Jerry SGT Resides in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area
Loader/Observer (HQ55) Rivas, Benjamin SPC
Frick, Aaron
Driver (HQ55) Hoy, Brian SPC A Pennsylvania State Trooper since 1999.
Assistant Bravo Section Sergeant  (HQ56)    
Gunner (HQ56) Brown, Tim SGT 2004 – on active duty at Ft Knox in
B Trp 1/16 CAV
Loader/Observer (HQ56) Matthews, Anthony SPC  
Driver (HQ56) Walker, Andre SPC  
Rank/Section not known    
Rank/Section not known Brook, Peter  
Rank/Section not known Dryer, Marvin  
Rank/Section not known Frick, Aaron  
Section not known Nichols, Anthony PFC 

01/2003 CPT, AR XO 24th ID FWD/1st Army DCG South
2008 Major

Rank/Section not known Syptak, Jamin Resides in Texas

 Support Platoon

Platoon Leader    
Platoon Sergeant    
HEMMT Driver (Ammo) Rodriguez, Juan A. SPC  
HEMMT Driver (Ammo) Villareal, Pablo SPC  
  Santiago, SPC A cook assigned to the Support Plt.

 Medical Platoon

Platoon Leader Hoffman, Craig CW2  
Battalion Surgeon (PA) Balkan, CW2  
Platoon Sergeant Martinez, Thomas M. SFC  
Evac. NCO Brown, Larry SGT  
HHC Aid Station NCOIC Jones, Victor SGT  
HHC Medic – Plt. Ldr’s Driver Jackson, Ronald SPC  
HHC Medic Dudeck, Johnnie P. SPC  
HHC Medic Rodgers, SGT  
HHC Medic Taylor, Rodney SPC  
HHC Medic Chambers, “Scrappy” SPC  
HHC Medic Woldeslassie, “Woldie” SPC  
HHC Medic Willis, SPC  
HHC Medic Walther, Floyd PFC  
HHC Medic Choe, PFC  
HHC Medic Rodriguez, PFC  
HHC Medic Tingling, PFC  
A Co. Medic Sergeant Albertie, SGT  
A Co. Medic Cummins, SPC  
A Co. Medic    
B Co. Medic Sergeant Ochiltree, Donnie SGT  
B Co. Medic Cobo, Javier PFC  
B Co. Medic    
C Co. Medic Sergeant Kimble, SGT  
C Co. Medic Shelby, SPC  
C Co. Medic    
D Co. Medic Sergeant McCullough, SGT  
D Co. Medic Lima, PFC  
D Co. Medic    

 Battalion Maintenance Section

Battalion Maintenance Officer    
Battalion Maintenance Tech.    
BN Motor Sergeant Cox, Bryon SFC (Named his group “Cut Above Maintenance”)
HHC Motor Sergeant Goodall, Steven SGT Now a Master Sergeant.
HHC Maintenance Blomgren, Dwight SGT  
HHC Maintenance Delgado, SGT  
HHC Maintenance Stiles, SPC  
HHC Maintenance Winnestahter, SPC  
HHC Maintenance Wentworth, PFC  
HHC Maintenance Dykeman, SPC  
HHC Maintenance Robinson, SPC  
HHC Maintenance Osborne, SPC  
HHC Maintenance Williams, PFC  
HHC Maintenance White, PFC  
HHC Maintenance Gray, PFC  
HHC Maintenance Carrier, PFC  
HHC Maintenance Kornack, PFC  
HHC Maintenance Likens, PFC  
HHC Maintenance Burke, PFC  
HHC Maintenance Jones, SGT  
HHC Maintenance Swenson, SGT  
HHC Maintenance Como, PFC  
HHC Maintenance Flack, PFC  
HHC Maintenance David Reid CPL  
HHC Maintenance Watson, Troy D. PFC In 2011, SFC  HHC 299th BSB
HHC Maintenance Lopez, Luis Sgt from Laredo, TX
HHC Maintenance Sibal, Lance PFC In 2009, SFC in Iraq
Generator Mechanic Greig, Douglas PV2 As of 2002, serving in the Vermont National Guard
  kieffer,  1LT  
  Lyons,  SSG  
1st Squad Leader Watczak, SGT  
 Ammo Seargent  Tuck, Kary  SGT  
POL Squad Arnold, Byron  SGT  
POL Squad Thomas, Joe  SGT  
POL Squad Weaver, Floyd  SPC  
POL Squad Ford,  Donald  SPC  
1 Squad Asst Leader Cooper, Anthony  SGT  
1st Squad Jones ,  Bruce  SPC  
1st Squad Torcero,  Fernando  SPC  
1st Squad Robinson, SPC  
1st Squad Henderson,  PVT  
POL Squad Brown, Donnie SPC  
POL Squad Williams,  Anthony  SPC  
POL Squad Canales,  George  SPC  
POL Squad Hill,  James  SPC  
2nd Squad Quijano,  Carl  SPC  
POL Squad Davis,  Darryl S{PC  
POL Squad Riggs,  John SPC  
POL Squad Greenleaf, John SPC  
  Tucker, Danny  SPC  
   Harris,  Marvis  
A Co. Maintenance Sergeant Durham, SFC  
A Co. Maintenance  Shorter, SSG  
A Co. Maintenance  Fultz, SGT  
A Co. Maintenance  Hernandez, SGT  
A Co. Maintenance  Redd, SPC  
A Co. Maintenance  Smith, SPC  
A Co. Maintenance  Troutwine, SPC  
A Co. Maintenance     
A Co. Maintenance     
A Co. Maintenance     
B Co. Maintenance Sergeant McNeil, Timothy SFC  
B Co. Maintenance Vineyard, Jim SPC  
B Co. Maintenance Veiga, PFC  
B Co. Maintenance Lemons, SGT  
B Co. Maintenance Clemmens, SGT  
B Co. Maintenance McIntire, SPC  
B Co. Maintenance    
B Co. Maintenance    
B Co. Maintenance    
C Co. Maintenance Sergeant Webb, Richard SSG  
C Co. Maintenance Lazaros, James SGT Senior Hull Mechanic.  Now a SFC.
C Co. Maintenance Brimer, Randy SPC Hull Mechanic
C Co. Maintenance Sherman, Joseph  SGT Senior Turret Mechanic.
C Co. Maintenance Amaya, CPL Turret Mechanic
C Co. Maintenance Richard, PFC  
C Co. Maintenance Halvik, PFC  
C Co. Maintenance    
C Co. Maintenance    
D Co. Maintenance Sergeant England, Greg SSGRomero, SFC HQ 924 (Green Wrench)SFC Romero remained in Gelnhausen throughout the deployment.
D Co. Maintenance  Akkerman, Darrin SGT Senior Hull Mechanic – HQ 924 (Green Wrench)
D Co. Maintenance  Barras, David SPC Hull Mechanic – Driver HQ 924 (Green Wrench)
D Co. Maintenance  Mihm, Kurt SPC Hull Mechanic – HQ 904 (PLL Truck)
D Co. Maintenance  Christner, Travis PFC Hull Mechanic – HQ 914 (Tool Truck)
D Co. Maintenance  Yelder, John SSG Senior Turrent Mechanic (Recovery Vehicle) 
D Co. Maintenance  Galindo, Baladmer SPC Turrent Mechanic – HQ 924 (Green Wrench)
D Co. Maintenance  Lake, David SGT Commo – HQ 924 (Green Wrench)
D Co. Maintenance