David Sherwood Album

Grandpas Truck in Germany

David Sherwood truck

Grandpa with first wife

David  Sherwood and   first  wife

Cologne Grandpa's Truck


Cologne Germany  David Sherwood Truck

 Bald Grandpa

 Bald  David Sherwood & Unknown Buddy

Nov 1944 House Grandpa lived in for 3 weeks Germany

 Unknown  Soldier

Ray Lynes of Rhode Island by windmill

 Ray  Lynes of Rhodes Island by windmillTom ZappullaTom  Zappulla

Ray Lynes of Rhode Island in Germany

 Ray  Lynes


Soldier in the roof

 Soldier on the roof

Soldiers at Red Cross in Germany

 Soldiers at Red Cross station in GermanySoldiers from the 3rd AD

3 Soldiers of the 3rd Armored Division  32nd  Armor

Sylvester Mager with two liberated Belgium People

 Sylvester  Mager with two liberated Belgium people


Tank Photo

 Tank Photo unknown GI’s

Unknow 3AD Soldier


Unknown soldiersUnknown 3AD SoldierUnknown soldier 2rd Armored Division


Crossing the Rhine


 Cross the Rhine River


Destroyed German Village

A  destroyed  Germain Village


Four Soldiers in a hole Grandpa on right

 Four  soldiers in a hole David Sherwood on the right

Grandpa and fellow solidiers in Cologne Germany

 David Sherwood & soldiers buddies  in Cologne Germany


Grandpa and Friend in Germany


 David Sherwood  & unknown  soldier  buddy in Germany

Grandpa and Robert Eggeson Dec 1944 Belgium

 David  Sherwood  & Robert  Eggeson  Dec  1944






Grandpa by a Statue


 David  Sherweood   by a statue




Grandpa by windmill

 David  Sherwood by a windmill


Grandpa graduating Basic in Kentucky

 David  Sherwood graduating  from Basic  Training in Kentucky


Grandpa in Basic Training Kentucky

 David  Sherwood in Basic Training


Grandpa in door in Germany

 David Sherwood in door way


Grandpa in snow

 David  Sherwood in the snow


Grandpa in the Middle


 David  Sherwood center with two unknown soldier





Grandpa Pic

 David  Sherwood with a unknown soldier


Grandpa Truck Pic 2


 David Sherwood with his truck

Grandpa Truck Pic

 David Sherwood in a truck

Grandpa with 3AD Soldiers


 David Sherwood & Soldiers brother in Germany


Keith Goodhue friend of Grandpa

Keith  Goodhue a friend of David



Soldiers in Germany

 Soldiers  in Germany

SSGT Edgar Kasper Mess Sgt Germany 1944

SSGT  Edgar  Kasper  Mess  Sgt  Germany  1944


Another Cologne Sign Photo

                                        David  Sherwood with two of his buddy in front of the Koln sign


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