1958  M-48   2-13 Cavalry  Parade                                   1966 M60A1 105mm Main Gun


1978  M60 A2 with 152mm Main gun 1-32 Armor            1984 M60A3 TTS 105mm Main Gun

                                      p_smith_m-60a3.jpg (258570 bytes)  m60a3.jpg (324472 bytes)

1986  M1-IP  105mm  Main Gun.  These tanks were issued to the 3 AD in 1986. This picture was taken in June 1987 at Graf.  The vehicle is B-66 2-67 Armor.  Tank crew from Left to Right  Kevin Colson, Driver Paul Hevland, Gunner Philip Johnson (He is standing in the loaders hatch), Loader -Lenny Cebula standing on the fender


                     1987 M1-IP D/4-8 Cavalry Wins the Canadian Army Trophy (CAT).                                                     


1988  M1A1  120mm Main Gun   This picture was taken of B-65 2-67  3 January 1989 at the Friedberg Training area.

The picture below is a view through the thermal sight of a M1A1. The vehicles down range are shown in the white hot mode. You can see the main gun sight superimposed on the lower of the vehicles.

1990-Desert Storm  M1A1 HA  Joey Stanker  Driver of B-66 4-67 Armor. This was an upgraded version of the M1A1 that was issued to a few  3 AD prior to DS. HA stands for Heavy Armor with increased armor protection on the turret & front slope of the tank,

WW2 U.S. Tanks


L to R- M3A1 Stewart, M5 Light Tank, M4A3 Sherman IV, M3A1 Grant, M-24 Chaffee, M26 Pershing.



Cold War/Desert Storm Tanks


L to R- M47 Patton, M48 Patton, M60 1953, M60a1 1961, M60a2 1972, M60a3 TTS 105mm Gun, M551 Sheridan 1966.

  M-103 Heavy Tank

L to R- M-103 Heavy Tank 1960’s, M1A1 Main Battle Tank.