3AD Band


3rd Armored Division 

Spearhead Band

3 AD Band welcoming soldiers to Saudi Arabia

3 AD Band.jpg (34648 bytes)

Picture provided by Scott Gregory 

HHC 5-18 Infantry


Ok 3d AD BAND folks, lets get more folks on here. I am sure you remember someone who should be here.

Send me the information to: Hal Dudley

Name Instrument Year Email
George Napuda Horn 51 gnapuda@waterw.com 
Richard Hegna Clarinet 1960  
Carl R Becker Trumpet 1956-1958 CBeckertpt@aol.com
Leslie Peter Quint   1956-1958 LPQ2915@aol.com
Bill Merrell Tuba 57-58 silhouette13@yahoo.com 
Larry Roberts   1959-1962 larrymr@ballistic.com
Gerald Darling Horn 60-62 gdarling@pics.com
Donald Zarzana Drums 62-64
Marv Graves Trombone 1963-1966 mgraves@nycap.rr.com
Dexter Peel   1976-1992 dexteranle@aol.com
Richard Candish   1981-1984  
John O'Preska Band Commander 1983-1986 opreska@hotmail.com
Donald "Cal" Cain Bassoon/Baritone 1985-1992 calcain@skynet.be
Gene Smith   86-90 assassin61@hotmail.com 
John Hopkins Jr   1986-1990 jwhoplins11@netzero.com
William Squires   89-90 oneness1@excite.com 
Paul Clark Bandmaster 1989-1991 clarkp53@yahoo.com
Rob Sherwin Clarinet 1986-1992 rob.sherwin@adelphia.net
Kevin Miller Trombone 1990-1992 kmiller59@comcast.net


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