“Call Me Spearhead” Newsletters (Six Most Recent)


Click the link to the left for an Adobe .pdf style document of any of our member newsletters. The volume number corresponds to the year of publication starting in the year 2000; i.e., 00 is 2000, 01 is 2001 and so forth. The issue number corresponds to the quarter; Iss 1 is first quarter usually published in March of the year, Iss 2 is the second quarter usually published in June, Iss 3 is the third quarter usually published in September, and Iss 4 is the fourth quarter usually published in December. The actual month of publication has not always been consistent. You can access all of the newsletters through the drop down category selection tool in the sidebar on any page with the sidebar displayed/

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This section provides on-line access to the Association newsletters including our most recent one that is also linked on the home page as the current newsletter. Click on the links to the left to view any of the archived newsletters. 

Please remember that most of these are old newsletters. The Association address has probably changed many times and many of the e-mail addresses that might be in the newsletters are likely also out of date.  

If you would like a Word or Adobe format of any older newsletter, please contact secretary@3ad.org, but please note that any of these newsletters may be downloaded to your computer as a pdf document for off-line viewing and printing if you wish. 

If you would like to have your newsletter mailed to you, contact secretary@3ad.org 

Note: We need your help in keeping our records updated. Please email us or send us a letter if you have a change of address or you change your email address.

Send inquiries to secretary@3ad.org or A3ADV, 6261 Montgomery Road, Midlothian, TX 76065.