War Stories Section

“War Stories” and Unit Histories

War Story Pages are pages dedicated to the recollections of individual veterans of the 3d Armored Division.  What makes a testimonial unique is that it is told in the veteran’s own words with personal photos.  In some cases, you can even hear the veteran speak the words through an actual recording posted in .mp3 and .wmv formats.   You can actually hear a WWII veteran describe fighting through hedgerows in Normandy, a Cold War veteran tell of early morning alerts and border rotations, or a Desert Storm veteran describing the exhaustion of 100 hours of non-stop mobile combat.  These accounts are personal – they come from the trenches at the level in which the veteran served.  These pages are firsthand – they are told by the veterans themselves.  These pages are generally developed by members of the web team after correspondence and telephone communication with the veteran.

World War II

Sgt. Edmund M. Westcott, C/32d Armor – includes recording of Ed telling his story

Sgt. Robert K. Pacios, A/36th Armored Infantry – audio to follow later

1st Sgt. Malcolm “Buck” Marsh, A/36th Armored Infantry – includes .wmv video recording in Buck’s own words

Technical Sergeant 5th Class Herbert Wilson, HHC/1-33 Armor

Charles “Ray” Reeder, Recon Company, 33rd Armor Regiment

John R. Bender, HQ Company, 33rd Armored Regiment/ Task Force Lovelady Combat Command B

Willis Oller  “I” Company, 32nd Armored Regiment

Robert E. Samuel  “D” Company. 32 Armored Regiment

William Teicholz  36th Armored Infantry Regiment

Cold War

Luther Lloyd – 1st Battalion 33rd Armor, Battalion Command Unit History, May 1972- November 1973

Desert Storm

Division Engineers

12th Engineer Battalion,  Desert Storm Historical Summary


1st Brigade

TF 5 Squadron 5th Cavalry, Desert Storm Summary of Events

2 Battalion 3rd Field Artillery, Desert Storm Historical Summary 24-28 February, 1991


2nd Brigade

3rd Squadron 8th Cavalry, Desert Storm After Action Report

4th Squadron 8th Cavalry,  Desert Storm After Action Report

45th Forward Support Battalion, Desert Storm After Action Report


3rd Brigade

2nd Battalion 67th Armor  “Iron Dukes”

LTC Dan Merritt, 2-67 Armor   Battalion Commander, War College Paper :Iron Duke World Tour”

1LT Brad Gericke, A/2-67 Armor – Desert Storm Journal 


4th Battalion 67th Armor  “Bandits”

LTC Tim Reischl  Battalion Commander 4-67 Armor  War College Paper

CPT Nick Stone, HHC & B/4-67 Armor 

1LT Dave Feller, Mortar Platoon, HHC/4-67 Armor


5th Battalion 18th Infantry  “Spartans”

Dave Tannehill, A/5-18 Infantry