Wayne Hoener

 Wayne Hoener 


Wayne entered the army in December of 1963.  He took basic at Ft. Leonard Wood and AIT at Ft. Dix.  He sailed to Germany on a troop transport in May of 1964.  After about a year in C Company 1/48 as the driver of M-113 C-13, he was assigned to Hq S-3.  By March of 1966 he was a Sergeant E-5 in S-3 Section.  These are his photos; thanks Wayne for sharing.

On post in Gelnhausen:

Wayne's M-113 # C-13                                Battalion Headquarters Building


   This panorama from the motor pool was taken in 4 pictures by Wayne from the TC hatch of M577 #23.
    They were stitched together by Jim Chorazy.

Hoehenfels in the winter of 1966:







Hoehenfels in the summer


   Watching a practice air strike: F-100 Super Saber      F-105  Thunderchief        F-101 Voodoo


M-60's on maneuvers                                       Dennis Kusatani from Hawaii with his camera.


Volleyball                                         York, Kennedy, and West

BadmintonafHohenfels.jpg (261620 bytes)  SummerHohenfels1.JPG (318529 bytes)  York_Kennedy_West_back_of_Radio_Truck.jpg (34232 bytes)

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