Mario Quintero

 Mario Quintero 


Mario arrived in 1/48 HHC S3 latter half of 1966, and shortly after was assigned to 1/48th A Co. mortar platoon at which time they were looking for soccer players to try out for the 3AD Soccer Team. He made the team and when he rotated out in 1969 he was still playing soccer but glad to return to the states and civilian life.

Standing left to right: Joe Wolf, Gino Famigaliti, Mario Quintero,
Herbert Roth a German local who Mario still keeps in touch with,
and Roy Kristiansen   – –  Kneeling left to right:  1st guy unknown,
Dan Robinson, George Constantinou, and Brooks Sanders.

The team would practice on the field below the old German barracks.

3AD soccer team members pictured below:.

Left to right: Francisco Velez….he played at one time on the Mexico Olympic Team, Next unknown, 
Joe Wolf with ball in center, Next two unknown, and Roy Kristiansen in back with red shirt.                                      










In the barracks





















and in the field



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