The following pictures were contributed by Leif Daddow who was with 1-48th from 1984 through 1986.  Thanks, Leif,

foxhole.jpg (37355 bytes)      SSG Green ITV livefire.jpg (31294 bytes)      MILES training.jpg (56924 bytes)   hand grenade training.jpg (30478 bytes)  opppss.jpg (22709 bytes)

Left:  Foxhole, check out the face cammo!
Middle Left:  SSG Green, ITV live fire exercise
Center:  MILES training
Middle Right: Echo Company, 1-48th Hand Grenade Training
Right:  Opps!

Daddow & Perkins @ KFC.jpg (32402 bytes)      weapons cleaning Baumholder spring 85.jpg (36093 bytes)      letters from texas.jpg (26485 bytes)  Daddow promotion to PFC.jpg (40464 bytes)

Left:  Daddow and Perkins at KFC
Middle Left: Weapons cleaning at Baumholder
Middle Right:  Letter from Texas
Far Right:  Daddow promotion to PFC

'84 Christmas in Gelnhausen.jpg (27370 bytes)      botabag.jpg (34136 bytes)      I Want Your MRE.jpg (34134 bytes)     Coleman kaserne & Gelnhausen.jpg (36042 bytes)

Left:  Christmas in the barracks 
Middle left:  Botabag!
Middle Right:   "I want your MRE!"
Right:  Nice picture of the Kaserne and Gelnhausen.

An finally, "You are leaving the American Sector" from Berlin

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