50 Cal. Range2C.jpg (24408 bytes)  50 Cal. Range1A.jpg (42249 bytes)    50 Cal. Range1B.jpg (21643 bytes)
Left:     In the barracks at Hohenfels: cement walls, crowded, hot in summer/cold in winter.  Remember the smell of coal burning stoves?
Middle:  Clear of the left?  Clear on the right?  Clear on the firing line!!

50 Cal. Range1C.jpg (18529 bytes)  50 Cal. Range1D.jpg (26908 bytes)

50 Cal. Range1E.jpg (31762 bytes)  50 Cal. Range2A.jpg (37791 bytes)
M-114 Command and Recon Vehicle.

50 Cal. Range2B.jpg (33299 bytes)  Thank God for the Medics.  We knew they were there if we needed them!

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