John Gross



John Gross took these pictures from 1967 to 1969 when he drove the M-114 Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle for the B Co. commander.

At left he is taking a break on his M-114 sitting on the 50 Cal. MG..


jeep.jpg (70270 bytes)In the jeep picture, the guy in the back was called "ski" and was from Hoboken N.J. 

track.jpg (56800 bytes)This time in the winter. 



JGrossRhineSwim.jpg (24253 bytes)and swimming the Rhine.  John wrote "the maneuvers swimming the Rhine, I was a little scared thinking I had to take the track across the river because it was heavy and you say this thing will never float. Then after seeing a couple of them go down and everybody jumping out and then the TR3's trying to retrieve them wasn't a pretty site. But you have to follow orders".






At Hohenfels.  the guy on the right is Spec 5 Ross from communications, can't place the other guy.  
Note the background which was an old German farm village probably destroyed in WW2. Atop the hill is
a ruined church with ruined houses to the left down the hill.

 With coffee and a smoke. The guy at left rear eating the sandwich is Sgt. Max

This photo shows 50 Cal mount which              Neat and clean back at the Kaserne
was operated by the Captain. There
was an M-60 MG on back that would
be operated by the 1st Sergeant.




                    Atop B-6A.  At right is the communication track (M-113).
                     Spec 5 Ross is in the back of the track with no jacket.





JGrossSNACK_BAR_.jpg (144760 bytes)At the Snack Bar  ..I'm on the right and the guy 
 in the middle lived in Penn. First name was Dave, 
 he was one of my best friends also a Sgt. that I'm 
 trying to locate. I'm thinking he may of made career 
 out of it  .the third guy I can't make his name out.

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