On Post

 On Post 


    PREPING FOR FIELD TRIP2.jpg (71164 bytes)

Left: Brigade HQ View in front of Pond on base. 
Middle: APC parking with tanks in the background
Right: Preparing for a field trip

     Image8.gif (51392 bytes)  Image7RadioTruck.gif (45021 bytes)    

Left: Landing pad again.
Middle: HHC-S3 Command Track
Right: 3/4 ton HHC Radio Truck

  InEMClub.jpg (86163 bytes)  

A view inside the EM club with the three Texans putting it down and getting ready for the show. Don't ask the names. It's Richardson again in the middle, that's the only name I remember.




GYM WITH CLUB UNDERNEATH.jpg (268672 bytes)  Tracks & Chapel2.jpg (115357 bytes)  LANDINGPAD BEHIND 2ND BRIGADE HQ.jpg (196564 bytes)

Left: Post gym with the club underneath
Middle:  Tracks with Chapel in the background
Right:  The landing pad behind 2nd Bde HQ

TRACKPARK BEHIND 2ND BRIGADE2.jpg (152124 bytes)

The "Track Park" behind 2nd Bde

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