In Town

 In Town 



  LOOKING EAST SUMMER.jpg (89294 bytes)  
Left:  Looking east toward town from the 1st Bn barracks
Middle: Another view east in the summer

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 Scenic view in Gelnhausen
Middle: Gelnhausen train station (Bahnhof)
Right:  The "undermarket"

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Sunday brunch at a second floor restaurant located out the back gate and to the right walking east towards town. Building was at a fork in the road.  Pictured from left to right are Langan, Balachak, Hoener and Dufrene. All HHC 1/48th '66 and '67. Dufrene was there the longest from December '65 to August '68.  The two pictures on the right were taken in a local Gelnhausen bar/lounge in someone's basement. Very cozy place for a beer and good company. Don't remember the names, but I do remember that the waitress pictured here was a good sport with a ready laugh.

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