In Barracks

 In Barracks 



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That's me goofing off. Wall locker is across front of bay area blocking out front windows. Why did we have so may greens and khaki uniforms? It seems we were always in Fatigues.

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View inside bay area looking towards the rear. Radiators were in back and front under windows. This is Jessie Butler from Houston, Texas. 

FrontOfBay2.jpg (64036 bytes)In hallway looking sort of towards the open sleeping bay area. Front of area if you will. Sometimes we had the metal wall lockers blocking off a section from the hallway.  Other times we had the wall lockers separating the open bays with the front view open to the front windows. We were always moving the furniture.View inside first cinderblock barracks going up hill on left. 5th floor HHC S3 section looking out from front of sleeping bay area into hallway.


Lockers.jpg (67115 bytes)
Another view of lockers with duffles on top ready for ALERT. Our mailman Smitty in front and Moyer in back. Smitty was from Lake George/Glens Falls, NY area and Moyer was from Gary, IN area.


FieldGear1.jpg (97952 bytes)  FieldGear2.jpg (92767 bytes)    
Inspection time………….
Left and Middle: These two photos are of the layout of field gear for inspection.
Right:  The inspected……looking sharp!

RearView&Deer.jpg (105975 bytes)This is a view looking out the back of the bay area, deer in the middle of view.



Jim's last day in the Army, June 17, 1966 HHC1-48th in front of barracks:

1-48TH_HHC_6-17-66.jpg (334706 bytes)  SATURDAYSUMMERFORMATION.jpg (34829 bytes)  LAST_SATURDAY_IN_ARMY_6-17-67-A.jpg (168169 bytes)

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