James Trahan

  James Trahan 


James M. Trahan was one of the original Cold War Dragoons.  He gyroed over in 1956 with the 29th AIB which was re-flagged as the 2nd Armored Rifle Bn, 48th Infantry.  James tells about it on the memories page.  Here are his photos.

How we Gyroscoped to Germany: The Military Sea Transport Service  troopship USS Gen H. W. Butner (T-AP-113), 1957



Coleman Kaserne, Gelnhausen, West Germany

HHC Bldg Xmas 1957.jpg (63550 bytes)New home – H&H Co Bldg, 2nd ARB, 48th Inf. Coleman Kaserne, 1957

CommoSq1957.jpg (23480 bytes)Gelnhausen 1957;  Part of Commo Squad.  PFC William Knotts, Sp/3 Charles Hutson, Glen Hamilton, Sp/3 James Trahan, PFC Henry Arnold

Gelnhausen.jpg (19660 bytes)An old postcard from Gelnhausen.  Remember the tower?

MessageCenterPersonnel.jpg (22561 bytes)

1958  Message center personnel. L-R Sp/3 Eddie Duncan, Sp/3 Robert Christman, Sp/2 William Hargis

RadioQtrTonCampbell.jpg (189410 bytes)Radio set-up in 3/4 Ton – Sp/3 Ralph Campbell, 1958

M59_PFC Hotson.jpg (33828 bytes)PFC Charles Hutson, Radio Operator standing in front of Hq & Hq M-59 with Bn Commo equipment

Stringing wire Roger Gaudett & Joseph Giattino:

At Grafenwehr, 1957:

ArnoldBarrettKawasaki1957.jpg (54808 bytes)PFC Henry Arnold, PFC Lee Barrett, Sp/3 Howard Kawasaki

TentCity.jpg (35171 bytes)Grafenwehr Tent City; PFC Bobby Landers and Sp/3 Ralph Campbell

GrafFieldSwitchboard1957-8.jpg (13079 bytes)Manning the Field Switchboard at Grafenwoehr Tent City, 1957 or 58, is Alfred "Fritz" Liejpras.

ChowLine.jpg (20350 bytes)Chowline, couldn't wait for SOS!



At Wildflecken, 1957:

Wildflecken1957.jpg (25102 bytes)The old German barracks

FourDuceWild1957.jpg (31530 bytes)A 4.2 inch mortar of the Bn heavy mortar platoon



"Honest John" Rocket Launcher with
L-R James Trahan, Charles Hutson
& Glen Hamilton in front.  The unit with the 
HJs was at Grafenwher at the same time 
as the 29th AIB(48th INF). There was a 
guard on them but he let us take the picture 
without him in those.  I guess he
figured we were OK!!






L-R James Trahan, Bob Duel, Glen Hamilton, Charles Paulnot,
and Ralph Campbell 

USAREUR Rifle Matches 1958:

The firing line and targets


The snack-wagon at the ranges


How hard we radio operators worked!






And years later in 1986:

Left to right in the photo are:
Frank Gruler, Phoenix, AZ 
 Timmering — in shorts — 
Calvin Newton, Burlington, Oklahoma
Ron  Anderson, Pittsford, NY, near Rochester
Ron Clines,  Maineville, OH, by Cincinnati

Another guy not in the pictures, but who joined us in our subsequent get together is Jack Sexton of Long Island, Sayville, NY
  Reunion1986.jpg (18057 bytes)

Below is another  photo of a group of "old Dragoons" that met at my house a few weeks ago (August 2003). If  Names are: standing Left to Right: T.R. Retherford, Keith "Pat" Robinson, Morris Fuller, John Sutton. seated L-R: Ellis "Buddy" Barbre, Jerry Burrows and James Trahan. All were in Gelnhausen. Some were draftees & some were RA's. Good bunch!

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