Ian Burrell

 Ian Burrell 


These pictures will bring back memories.  Remember the drive up the hill to the Ammo dump? Ian saved those cards we were issued: weapons card, Code of Conduct, etc.  Take a look at them when you finish this page by clicking of the red Ian's Cards above.

GuardingthePOLDump3.jpg (140746 bytes)
This is 
me guarding the POL dump which was somewhere on the outskirts of GK.(I think)

Stereo2.jpg (106422 bytes)
Remember when everybody had a stereo, the volume wars?  Taking them to the Arms Room when you went to the Field? Setting them up on the boxes they came in because you had no furniture/and needed the boxes to take them to the Arms Room anyway?

Toweronthehill.jpg (783403 bytes)
This is the tower on the hill behind the barracks on the way to the ammo dump. Taken on a return trip sometime in 1987 I think. (Wife on car, Kids in entrance)

GastHouse2.jpg (98797 bytes)
A Gast House in GK.

Now, look at the cards by clicking above on Ian's Cards.

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