David Priode

 David Priode 


David Priodeus is a former Sgt. in D. Co. 1/48, and then to 4/18 from 1986-1991. These pictures are a sample of those he took at the time. Great color photos!

Berlin MOUT training 1989:

Berlin1989MOUNT_Delta_Dawgs_on_Freedom_Bridge.jpg (70515 bytes)  D Co. 1-48th "Delta Dawg" on Freedom Bridge

Berlin1989MOUNTChanging_of_Guard.jpg (44223 bytes) Watching East German Changing of the Guard 

Berlin1989MOUNTView_of_Doughboy_City.jpg (45885 bytes) Dougboy City in Berlin where combat in cities training was conducted

Berlin1989MOUNTSgt_Smith_providing_security_for_the_assault.jpg (69149 bytes) Sgt Smith providing security for the assault

Berlin1989MOUNTSgt_Levy_fire_watch_molotav_training.jpg (62919 bytes) Sgt Levy provides fire watch during molotav cocktail training

On the Fulda Gap Border:

1BorderCamp_Alpha_Fulda_Gap_New_Years_1988.jpg (63950 bytes) Border Camp Alpha, New Years_198

2BorderUS_Guard_Tower_Fulda_Gap_1988.jpg (72602 bytes) US Guard Tower

3BorderCpl_McPeek_D.checking_out_the_ddr._jan._1988.jpg (59097 bytes) Cpl.  McPeek, D checking out the DDR from the tower

5BorderA_view_of_no_mans_land_Fulda_Gap_1988.jpg (53010 bytes) View of no mans land.  Note ploughed areas and fense

6BorderAnother_view_of_the_death_strip_Fulda_1988.jpg (23116 bytes) Another view of the ploughed death strip on the DDR side

7Border_Marker_and_DDR_Guard_Post_1988.jpg (56418 bytes) Border Marker and DDR Guard Post 

Change of Command Ceremony for C Company, 

ChgOfC_CPT_Burstein_says_goodbye.jpg (58621 bytes) CPT Burstein says goodbye

ChgOfC_LTC_St._Onge_taking_the_guidon_from_cpt.jpg (106544 bytes) LTC St. Onge taking the guidon from CPT Burstein

ChgOfC_Reception.jpg (161304 bytes) Cake for the Change of Command reception after the ceremony 

At Hohenfels for transition training to Bradleys




3rd Herd D 1-48 Inf at Hohenfels












Even after getting stuck in a mud ravine up to the wet marks on the side, PFC Fleshman and SGT Diggs's Bradley still looked like a mean fighting machine.





Reforger exercise August/Sept 1988

Sgt. Priode & SSG Anderson with the "Master Blaster"









Pitstop in the fields of West Germany


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