Copeland George

 Copeland George 


These pictures are from George Copeland who was as an S-1 clerk in the 1st Battalion from Feb 1972 to Feb 1974.  Most of that time he was an Sp/4 and lived off post with his wife.

George at his field desk while at Hohenfels in 1973. 


This US Army CH-54 "Tarhe"a twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter picture was taken at Hohenfels in 1973.  The Tarhe was used to carrying a detachable pod that can be used as a command post, hospital, or for other purposes. This helicopter carried a troop box.  We crammed a number of bodies in there for transport.  I can’t remember how many, but I remember it was cramped.  I only remember using it once.


Relaxing with 3 of the Battalion medics, 1973.  The barracks at Hohenfels had bare cement floors and cinderblock walls.   I don’t remember if there was a stove since we were there in July.  At Grafenwoehr we were in large framed tents with folding cots and our own mummy sleeping bag during the winter.  I remember the coal stove there, as it was the most important thing in the barracks.  My memory is not as clear on the Wildflicken field movements.  I only went once and I think Battalion HQ was in nice barracks with 4 man rooms, probably left over from the German Army in WW2.

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