Carl Erickson

 Carl Erickson 


The pictures below are from Carl Erickson  {Click on the images to see a larger version}

geln.jpg (30140 bytes)This photo was taken in the summer of 1963 at Gelnhausen for the Spearhead newspaper's 22nd Anniversary edition.  The M-60 was courtesy of the 1/33rd Armor that shared Coleman Kaserne with us.  The Spearhead article reported the troopers are SGT's Carpenter and Beene, SP4's Rilery, Whitten, and PFC's Mosely, Liskel, Madkins, Watson, and Harding.  



m113.jpg (15550 bytes)Here is a photo of track A-11  2-I-48 of the 2nd ARB in the winter of 1962-3.  It was the mount of the 1st Squad, 1st Platoon, Co A, Lt. Carl Erickson, Platoon Leader.




chow.jpg (19037 bytes)And of course the chow truck!  I remember getting scrambled eggs from it in the dead of winter (while wearing Mickey Mouse winter boots).  The grease turned white from cold within 60 seconds, but if you gobbled it down while still warm, they were great!  I marveled at how the cooks could prepare a meal while we moved so much. 



The Battalion on parade, 1964.





MortarPractice.jpg (78493 bytes)I took this photo from an observation post during a live fire exercise at Hohenfels.    At the time I was the mortar platoon leader in A Company, and the platoon was firing a defensive barrage in front of the tree line.


PistolRange.jpg (66212 bytes)This is a shot from the pistol range at Bernbach.   Remember how we used to scan the brass for any live rounds?  I used to have to sign a certificate that there were no live rounds in the brass.  I always wondered what would have happened had one been found.  Send me home?

Baumgardner.jpg (150494 bytes)       Flemming.jpg (298512 bytes)     Dragoons Baumgardner on the left, Richardson, and Flemming.  Flemming was the Bn Supply Sgt. in 1963-1964.  Their hats show the distinctive Infantry Blue backing to the Dragoon crest which was worn by the 2nd Bn.

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