Robert M. Briggs (Sgt.) has sent us pictures taken at Coleman Kaserne, Wildflecken, Hohenfels, Grafenwoehr, and Bad Tolz.  He was in Co B 2-48 Inf. 2nd Squad 2nd Platoon.

At Coleman Kaserne

Sgt.Briggs1976onthehillB-2-48.jpg (108960 bytes)

SGT Briggs "on the hill" 1976






OntheHillB2-48.jpg (30291 bytes)

Members of Co B, 75 I think.

Winter1974G-Town.jpg (379385 bytes)

View from the barracks, Winter 1974






MyrideB-24M-113-A1B2-48CommandTrack.jpg (20644 bytes)

Command Track 2nd Plt.  I was Command Track driver E-5 my last 6 months. 

CaptStrothers-SP-4SimonsContrabandsearch75.jpg (54237 bytes)

Capt Strothers and SP-4Simons during a routine contraband search 1975




commotrackBCo.SgtRickel75G-Town.jpg (47304 bytes)


Commo track B Co. Sgt Rickel 1975 in the track park



Wildflecken Winter of 1973-4

WildFlicken73snowstorm.jpg (37834 bytes)


View of the old barracks built in 1937-1938 for the Whermacht in the Wildflecken troop exercise area.  After the war in became a camp for displaced person until 1951 when the US Army took it over.


1stsquadonpatrolwildflicken742ndplt.jpg (64756 bytes)

1st squad on patrol 




AteamWildFlicken74.jpg (30145 bytes)


A Team, 2nd Squad, 2nd Plt, B Company





EndofpatrolWildFlicken74.jpg (45943 bytes)


End of patrol, cold, tired, and hungry



WildFlicken.jpg (76379 bytes)


But the German pine forests were beautiful draped in winter snow


WildFlicken2inthetreesfindthem73.jpg (73822 bytes)






Hohenfels 1974

Howensfeld2ndPlt.76.jpg (124869 bytes)

2nd Platoon




Howensfeld19742ndsqdB-21onthemove.jpg (41376 bytes)   

2nd Squad's B-21 on the move




underfireHoensfeld741stsquad2ndPlt.jpg (71744 bytes)


1st Squad, 2nd Platoon





GraffCobraGunShip33-12ACR1975.jpg (22708 bytes)

Cobras at Graff assigned to  3-12th Cav live fire – quite a sight. 1975





Grafenwoehr 1976 Exercise Reforger with the 1st Infantry Division

Briggs_photo.jpg (111801 bytes)





1-48inftow.jpg (76290 bytes)


 A 1st Bn 48th Infantry TOW section



02-10-2006063106PM.JPG (31163 bytes)





Graff74M-155A-1s3-12ACR.jpg (59899 bytes)


M-155A-1s of 3-12th Armored Cavalry Regiment, 1974



Plt.SgtBriggs-CplBickford-E-4Reyez-E-2Freeman-E-2Russell.jpg (42020 bytes)


Plt. Sgt Briggs & Cpl Bickford & E-4Reyez & E-2Freeman & E-2Russell

Graff50calrange2ndPltB-21-22-23-24-25livefire.jpg (50520 bytes)


50 cal range livefire
2nd Plt B-21-22-23-24-25


Graff74enginertankretrieversrailhead.jpg (99681 bytes)


Engineer tank retrievers at the railhead



Bad Tolz 1976 training with the 10th Special Forces

Platoontrainingwith10thSFBadtolz764.jpg (101304 bytes)Platoontrainingwith10thSFBadTolz763.jpg (109628 bytes)Platoontrainingwith10thSFBadTolz762.jpg (113600 bytes)

Platoontrainingwith10thSFBadTolz76.jpg (118818 bytes)BadTolzHome75120thSF6000Ft.jpg (95037 bytes)BadTolzDinnerfromacanMMMTurkeyLoaf75.jpg (124749 bytes)

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