Bob Sheppard

 Bob Sheppard 





BobSheppard&Med-6.jpg (10156 bytes)     bobattheambulanceingermany.JPG (11945 bytes)
On Coleman Kaserne, Gelnhausen; Bob in front of the Medical Platoon M-38, 
and at the right by the 3/4 ton ambulance

ingraffloadingpcgermany.JPG (10263 bytes)   ingraffloadingupgermany.JPG (9132 bytes)
Loading up the M-113s for Graf down at the rail-head.  How many guys were 
worried about driving off the side of the flatbed rail car?

georgesmithatgraff.JPG (7051 bytes)    bob&elmerpollygust.JPG (12393 bytes)  
At Graf, SGT George A. Smith at left, and
Elmer Pollygust and Bob.
and below — Glad to be back from Graf……..






Bob and Jerry Sykes downtown

 and at the EM Club,

Jim Meagher
Bill Bray
Chuck Barnette

and below 
having a cool one with




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