The following photos were copied from SPEARHEAD – 2ND ARMORED RIFLE BN, 48TH INFANTRY yearbook of 1959.  The book was lent  by Jim MacClay and is in the 3AD Association's library.  I made a copy of all relevant pages, and sent a set to the active 1-48th INF at Ft. Wood, MO for the Regimental Museum.  If any Dragoon wants a copy, please contact me for information.  It has group photos of each platoon in the 2nd Bn in 1959.

ducks.jpg (65172 bytes)
"Practicing river crossing with some experienced (duck) crossers." (In the pond in front of Bn HQ.)

chow.jpg (43202 bytes)
"A hot meal after the exercise provides a vivid contrast to the icy Wildflecken surroundings of December 1959"

dismount.jpg (45901 bytes)
"Dragoons dismount in a hurry during Wildflecken Field problem" (Good picture of the back of an M-59 APC which was used before the M-113 which replaced it.)

graf.jpg (56572 bytes)
""Grafenwohr" (not of the 48th Infantry, but brought back memories of all those bombed out villages at Graf)

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