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This 48th Infantry (Dragoons) has a collection of regimental historical items located in the Bn Headquarters of the active duty 1-48th Infantry at Ft Leonard Wood.  

flag.jpg (52973 bytes)Included in the collections is the original old 48th Armored Infantry Battalion colors* which was used from WW2 to through the 1963 reorganization. *(Recall that although the 48th Infantry was reactivated in February 1942 as the 48th Armored Infantry Regiment, in September 1943 battalions were redesignated per WW2 doctrine whereby Armored Divisions had separate Armored Infantry Battalion's (AIB) not infantry regiments.  The 48th Infantry Regt was reorganized into separately numbered battalions, the 23rd, 38th, 48th.)

48th_Guideon from Mario.jpg (619614 bytes)A 1966 A-1-48 Guideon contributed to the collection by Mario Quintero who was presented it by his Top Sergeant at the time he achieved the rank of   Sergeant E5 as a mortar platoon squad leader.



They also have other guideons, plus copies of historical photos. The artifacts are displayed in the hallway, conference room, and auditorium.            

Among items in possession of the collection is a copy of the original manuscript of the March of the 48th Armored Infantry Regiment written by Pvt. Ernie Gallet in WW2.  Words are:

        We're men of the Forty Eighth in the Armored Infantry
        We'll FIGHT our way to VIC-TOR-RY.
        In our half-tracks we'll be Rolling
        From dawn 'til end of day.
        We will strive with all our might
        To save the hon-or of the flag in the Fighting Forty Eigth!

The following are some holdings:

  •   A panoramic photograph of Camp Sevier, S.C.  where the Regiment was stationed in 1917-18 as part of the 20th Division (Combat).

  • A set of two WW1 collar insignia.  The "U.S.", and one with infantry crossed rifles with a 48 on the top, and a B underneath.  This would have been in used for B Co. of the 1st Bn. as in the Regimental system companies were lettered sequentially through battalions.

  • ScoutsPanCntr.jpg (107917 bytes)

    Panoramic photo from WW1 of the Regiment.

  • 48HRosterNov1918.jpg (606414 bytes) An original framed roster of Co. H surrounded by photos of the Regiment.


  • Menu Roster December 1918, G-48th Inf, Camp Jackson , SC

    Photo, Panoramic, 1920, L Co. 48th Inf, Camp Jackson , SC

    Unit Insignia, Metal, 48th Armored Infantry Regiment, c. 1942

    Book:  BOB’S STORY, memories of  Love and War in WW2

    By Robert E. P. Moranda and George E. Moranda

    Writers Club Press, an imprint of iUniverst .com, Inc., 5220 S 16th St. , Suite 200

    Lincoln , Nebraska 68512     www. Iuniverse.com

    A personal account of 148th Infantry (38th Armored Infantry Bn) during this time it earned the Presidential Unit Citation during the Battle of the Bulge for its defense of the vital crossroads at St. Vith , Belgium .  See pages 121 to 256

    Photo, B-1-48, Worms Germany , Winter 1960

    Unit Insignia, Metal, 48th Infantry, c. 1970

    Unit Insignia, Metal, West German Army, Panzergrenidierbattalion 152, c. 1970

    Reserve Assoc. Emblem, West German Army, Gelnhausen-Meerholz

    Collar Insignia, Officers’ Metal, 48th Infantry, c. 1942-1963

    Coffee Mug, 1-48th Infantry, white with unit shield

    Book: Class, 1988, B-3-48th Inf, Ft. McClellan , AL

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