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  Falcone Photos 

Jack Falcone’s Photos

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(1)   Map of Taukkunen Kaserne showing assignments of buildings which was provided by Jack.


(2) Looking into the Kaserne from the front gate, January 1963.  From left to right: 
In white coat, the Battalion Commander’s Track driver; do not remember his name.
In black coat, Richard Warrick who drove Track 22 (2nd Sq. 2nd Plt.)
At right, Sgt. Bickford who later died in the track sinking on the Rhine.  He had lent me his suitcase when I went on leave home.  When I returned I learned he had died in the accident.
When in barracks we could leave the Kaserne in the evenings and on weekend if there was nothing scheduled ask for a weekend pass.



(3) View from barracks window across the parade ground to the main gate, The EM Club is in the foreground. 







(4) Snack Bar and Post Exchange with the Mess Hall in the background.





(5)  A view from B Company barracks of a Germany railroad building on the left and to the right background "Little Moscow" which was OFF LIMITS.  This part of the city was a hot bed of Neo-Nazis.  We understood that on at least two occasions shots were fired at GIs from there.  On those occasions the MPs would charge out and the shooting stopped.  One GI was lured into the area one night and he was found dead the next morning.






(6) In the barracks : From left to right: 


         Beneke (Deneke?), one of a pair of twin brothers.  
         He could to a great Elvis impersonation.          




(7)  Floor buffing machine was a Pain to use! 
We had 7 or 8 to a room, but later on only 5.           







(8)  Leaving the Mess Hall and Snack Bar in the back, going out on the town: From left to right: 

        Rick Warrick, 

        the Bn. C.O. track driver  (don’t remember name)   




(9) From left to right: the Bn. C.O. track driver and Unknown



(10) Standing in front of the Snack Bar; Rick Warrick, Bn. C.O. track driver & unknown

Standing in front of EM Club.jpg (75080 bytes) 

(11) A German band playing.  Jack remembers that Johnny Cash played for us once there.


(12) EM Club Glen Haney and future wife who was from Worms.  Jack and John Swal from B Co behind

EM_Club_Glen_Haney_and_future_wife_Jack_and_John_Swall_from_B_Co__behind.jpg (40805 bytes)


(13) #1, the Bn. Commander’s M-59 and his driver.  The LTC usually rode in his jeep and the Sgt. Major rode TC in the track.




(14) In the field, March of 1965.  A Track line up.

(15)  Cold and wet in the field, Chiccocelli and Ronald Testa could still horse around.  Chicco’s hand would get sold cold he put socks on top of mittiens to keep them warm.  

 cold_and_wet_in_field.jpg (214728 bytes)

(16) A Parka  fashion statement.  The parka went over the 
field jacket.  Both had insulated liners and worked 
remarkably well in keeping you warm. 
We can’t remember his name.  He was a native 
American.  Note the Dragoon crest on his hat.

In_Parka_and_cap_in_field.jpg (112193 bytes).  



(17)  Newspaper article "Land, Air Training Shows 48th’s Mobility"
Worms Heli drop article.jpg (311854 bytes)



(18) Going downtown; Bn. C.O’s driver and his date on left, with Richard Warrick and his future wife.

2_couples_down_town.jpg (107782 bytes)



(19) In September 1963 we were re-flagged from the 1/48th ARB to 1st Bn, 39th Infantry.  Here we are, 2 squad, 2nd platoon, SFC Ford with SSGT Daniels (behind the flag) and me 2nd row 3rd from the right.

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