Cold War 1/48th at Worms

  Cold War 1/48th at Worms 


This certificate was presented to Ron McCreary for his service with the 1st ARB:


Below, the inside and outside of the 1/48th’s  home in Worms; Taukkunen Barracks.
Frank Seely on the outside in front of Co. B in 1961 in the winter.  Co. A was on the right, and Co. C on the left.  Co. D and HHC was across the field by the main gate.  The picture on the right is when the 1st Bn got new M-113s to replace their M-59s.   Winter is over as seen by the leaves on the trees.  Beneath, is the inside of the barracks, with Sp/4 Campbell by the bulletin board..
For history buffs: a book on the German Army from 1900, lists the 118th Regt of Infantry "Prince Carl", Grand Duchy of Hesse #4,  being stationed in Worms. It may have been their barracks.


On the left, Corporal Clement Evans and Sp/4 Roger Berringer in front of their M-59 APC, and on the right and below, everything laid out for inspection.  Note the basic load of ammo.

After inspection, it was time to head to the Service Club.  Here is Cpl Evans ready to go in!



And in the field…….





crossing the ice choked Rhine River in APCs was fraught with risk as the next page shows.









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