In the Field with Peter C

  In the Field with Peter C 



CarragonneScan6MapReadingEx.jpg (43786 bytes)

 Map reading exercise approx. 20 to 30 K’s from Worms; GI’s, from left Tom Callahan, Winston Wallace, Lawrence Cooper, Sgt. Jack Ropple. 

CarragonneScan8_Patrol_practice.jpg (85610 bytes)Taken June 6, 1961, in the field for practical work in patrolling.  Peter in the foreground wearing pistol (note pistol wrapped in plastic to keep it from getting dirty and having to clean it).  SGT Cook of the Scouts and the Medic, left standing and PFC Muniz extreme right.

CarragonneScanx11SgtKerrOrdersInDirt.jpg (52234 bytes)

 The Lt. giving MSG. Ambrose P. Kerr  and others "the word" in the dirt.

CarragonneScanx10ChowLineMormiteCans.jpg (155056 bytes)
 Chowline on an Alert in the "A" area outside of Worms.  Remember the Mermite cans and the old M-1s?

When you were cold and hungry, hot Army chow was pretty good.  

CarragonneScanx10ChowOnTheRange.jpg (165421 bytes)  At left, PFCs. Lawrence P.Cooper and Joe Worpek chowtime at the Range, 
  and are joined by SP4 Sam Baker and SP/4 Johnny Rogers below left,
  while PFC Cooper enjoys a canteen cup coffee, and in the 3/4 ton
  bottom right are MSG Ambrose Kerr and SGT David Pl Goronja 
 CarragonneScanx11BakerWithChow.jpg (38197 bytes)CarragonneScanx10CooperDrinksCoffee.jpg (148832 bytes)

CarragonneScanx10ChowDownInTruck.jpg (230121 bytes)

If any chow was left, you know who was ready to try it:
CarragonneScanx10ChowKinderForLeftovers.jpg (211199 bytes)CarragonneScanx11KinderInGIHelmet.jpg (57655 bytes)


 Then back to work at the range.  Peter and SGT David Goronja at left, and sighting the 106.

CarragonneScan6At_the_range.jpg (44633 bytes)CaragonneScan6Signting106.jpg (34490 bytes) 

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