Peter’s pictures of Graf should bring back some memories.  Too cold or too hot,  too much mud or too much dust.  Smell of coal stoves in cement platoon bays.  It was good to get back to Worms.

CaragonneScan6Graf106JeepInMud.jpg (59162 bytes)
 Typical Graf!  
 Sp4 Ropple with Pfc Lawrence (Pete) Cooper’s jeep stuck in the Grafenwoehr mud.            


CarragonneScanx10LtsJeep.jpg (152840 bytes)
 Lt. Webb, driver PFC. Tasker in command jeep at Grafenwoehr.                     

CarragonneScanx10PeterTom_at_Graf.jpg (235990 bytes)
 Pfcs. Caragonne and Thomas Moore in Grafenwoehr.  Remember the Field Trousers and Wool Shirts?

CarragonneScanx10HQ35AmmoTruck.jpg (334415 bytes)
 Pfcs. Caragonne, HQ45 3/4 ton truck with ammo trailer in Grafenwoehr        

Caragonne_1_Graf_Tank.jpg (12737 bytes)

 On the tanks at Graf


CaragonneLouisCarpinoGrafSaloon.jpg (35517 bytes)

  PFCs Louis J. Carpino and Peter J. Caragonne on their first visit to the garden
       spot of the universe-Grafenwhor.  The Olive Drab Nugget Saloon/background.



CaragonneThomas_McHughChow.jpg (70457 bytes) 

  Chow time in Grafenwhor, PFC. Thomas McHugh and Pfc. Peter J. Caragonne


CaragonneGraf3QtrTon.jpg (77734 bytes)

  PFC. Caragonne in Grafenwhor with his 3/4 ton.



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