Caragonne Photos

 This is Peter’s first page, and has photos in and around the Kaserne.  There are also other pages of pictures taken in the Field, and one of Graf.  Just follow the links above.

CaragonneRecruitFtRiley.jpg (31516 bytes) 

  Recruit Peter J. Caragonne/Fort Riley Kansas,

Caragonne106inKaserne.jpg (67815 bytes)    
   and later, posing on a gun jeep in the Kaserne

CarragonneScanx11SgtKerrGivingOrders.jpg (40064 bytes) Master Sergeant  Ambrose P. Kerr giving out the next day’s assignments, 
        PFCs  Peter Caragonne  and Harold Melchi in the background

CarragonneScan8_In_the_Billets.jpg (59856 bytes)

 In the Billets, clockwise from left, Louis J. Carpino, Thomas Moore, 
       Jose Muniz, and Peter Caragonne


Caragonne106TeamInJeep.jpg (71447 bytes) 
  left to right, Sgt. Jack Ropple, PFCs Phillip Tackett, Lawrence Cooper, 
        Sam Baker, Harold Melchi, Peter Caragonne in the Kaserne in front of 
        our "new" water heating plant.

CarragonneScanx11SgtSteel.jpg (16530 bytes)

  Sgt. Steele (affectionately known, behind his back, as Sgt. Lead) 
       at the gun bay.

CarragonneScanx10GangOnBleachers.jpg (284181 bytes)

 From left, Harold Melchi, Jack Ropple, Lawrence Cooper, Phillip Tackett, 
       Sam Baker  and Peter Caragonne, front kneeling, in the Kaserne.

CaragonneScan6TeamInGunBay.jpg (48308 bytes)
 Peter with MSG.. Ambrose P. Kerr at the gun bay with 
       fellow GIs.     

CarragonneScan9_GangOnStreet.jpg (36425 bytes)
  Off Post – GI’s Culligan, Caragonne, and McHugh on the strasse….         

CarragonneScanx11LibationOnEconomy.jpg (36575 bytes)

  Peter  and Lawrence P. Cooper enjoying a libation "on the economy".


CarragonneScan8_GermAmDay1961.jpg (63509 bytes)

 PFCs Caragonne, Louis J. Carpino, Pvt. Joe Worpek and 
        PFC. Lawrence P. Cooper on the Parade Ground, 
        German/American Day (probably 1961).

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