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Its mission is a focal point for information and contacts on the 48th Infantry of all eras, with particular focus on those of the 3rd Armored Division  (SPEARHEAD).  The 48th Infantry was the “Pride of USAREUR”.  The 2nd Bn commander, LTC Ben F. Marshall had us answer the phones that way when he was commanding officer 1963-4.   
1st Bn 48th Infantry reactivated!  Visit the “48th Today” page for greetings from a past commanding officer of the 1st Battalion and other information about the Dragoon mission today.

What is on this site: Below in red are a series of links to the contents of this site.

bullet Memories:  A collection of contributed memories of our time in the Dragoons with the 3rd Armored Division (SPEARHEAD) arranged by years.
bullet Roster:  A listing of those who served with the Dragoons.  It is compiled by year from those  who have checked in on this site.
bullet Photos:  A growing collection of photos of the Kaserne, G-town, Hohenfels, Graf, Wildflecken, and the field. This section is arranged by years, then by contributors.
bullet 48th today:  A message from a past C.O. of the 48th Infantry at Fort Wood, a link to their Brigade, and a page on the 48th Infantry historical artifacts in possession at Fort Wood.
bullet History:  A history of the 48th Infantry from World War 1, Mexican Border,  WW 2, Korean War, and Cold War including the 1st Bn at Worms, Germany.  Medal of Honor Winner, Regimental Honors, and the Historical Collection at Fort Wood.
bullet Insignias:  The 48th Infantry insignias such as the coat of arms, crest, and uniform distinctions between the 1st and 2nd battalions are displayed and explained

Enjoy the site, and help us add more by sending us your contributions of memories, pictures, and information.  Please email us if you have memories or photos to contribute.


09/22/2014 – Added to the Roster names from C-2-48 c. 1966 as provided by Wally Clark
08/17/2011 – A photo of the 48th Infantry Regiment band c.1918 was added here
07/06/2011 – Added photo of A-1-48 guideon donated to the Battalion’s historical collection at Ft. Wood by Mario Quintero see photo
06/16/2011 – Added page of photos from 1966-60 contributed by Mario Quintero see photos 
06/04/2011 – Copy of Stars and Stripes articles about riot in Gelnhausen EM Club, and 3AD Soccer club courtesy of Mario Quintero (Martinez)
05/03/2011 – Thomas Haynes updated his memories of serving with 
2nd Lt Colin Powell and Elvis Presley memories   
05/01/2011 – major contribution of names for the roster to 2nd Bn 1976-9 by Glen Williams see roster
04/28/2011 – photo of Jim Trahan showing how hard radio operators worked added to his collection. see addition 
04/19/2011 – 
historical photos and postcards of Taukkunen Kaserne where the 1st Bn was stationed in Worms before transfer to Gelnhausen.  Thanks to Robert Sheridan for providing them. see addition
02/01/2011 – copy of 2nd Bn annual training cycle for FY 1963, including Graf, Hohenfels, individual, squad, Bn, and Division CPXs and FTXs.  see addition
11/07/2010 – Jim Langan 1966-67 1/48 updated his memories
10/18/2010 – Andy Balaschak 1965 1/48 
photos of ENTAC and Scout Platoon.
10/07/2010 – Rod Rodriquez 1951-58 
photos in the time 2/48 was activated in Gelnhausen
09/16/2010 – Ed Lomongo 1977-78 1/48 
photos of  summer Hoehenfels, winter Graf, and field day on post

05/20/2010 – 
Dewey BalI 1975-76  2/48th added 
memories in addition to his photos

At right:  World War I 48th Infantry collar insignia worn by
Lt. George F. Ludington 1917-1918;
donated to the Regimental Collection by his son, Nicholas

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